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Social Media Sites You Should Use For Your Business

Having a website and optimizing is probably not all that you can do to make your business grow. Statistics show that 90 per cent of all marketers have attested to the fact that social media has played a role in increasing their business exposure.

What does this mean? It does not matter what you are selling, using social media as a marketing tool will always increase exposure for your business and make your pockets even deeper.

If you are starting a web or already have a running one, it is imperative to pick a platform that will work best for you. You need to know whether a Facebook share link or an Instagram tag is what will be able to expose your brand to your target audience.

The best social media platforms to your business

1. Twitter

Why is Twitter among the best picks? This is a platform where you get the opportunity to interact with anyone and everyone. That is, from individuals to the most significant global corporations. The platform allows you to interact directly with customers and brands and has no limitations to the frequency at which you can make posts.

Remember that what sells on this platform is clarity, relevance, and personality. If you could also incorporate some tools like Buffer that will help you in scheduling content, your experience with this platform would be unheard of.

2. Instagram

You must be aware of how image-intensive this platform is. Does your niche involve food, lifestyle, luxury, and personalities? Well, this is the right place for your brand. In as much as the post frequency is caged: once in a day, it only tells you a lot.

You should pay attention to your customers’ spacing out time. You should post content at the most opportune time. With this platform, note that links will not work for you that much. Use of hashtags is the catch.

3. Facebook

When you talk about an all-inclusive platform, Facebook takes the trophy. Everyone is allowed to share all types of online content, ads, and events. Facebook offers you endless options.

You are allowed to promote your page, share responses and have a personal connection with your audience to mention a few. The beauty of it is that there are no obstacles to you analyzing your Facebook data.

With tools such as Bitly, you can be able to shorten your links to ease sharing of your posts, and at the same time, they will help you know the size of traffic you are driving to your page by giving you stats on clicks a particular link is generating.

4. LinkedIn

Are you a recruiter, business service provider or a job seeker? Make LinkedIn your second home. It is the only place you can comfortably share your company descriptions, employer/employee research, and job postings.

In this platform, people and connections to people are the lock stock and barrel.

5. Pinterest

Do you have creative visual content of food, any DIY, travel, fashion, and design? Moreover, anything that is targeted at the female audience? Look no further. Pinterest will allow you to post your product multiple times a day.

Make use of functions such as pinning and re-pinning to make your content crop up in the most recent searches. Pinterest will also instinctively puts your content into categories making it germane for searches.

Now that you know the best platforms for your business make a point of staying web updated for you to be able to grab any opportunities that may arise about features that will make the journey of creating brand awareness for your business even better.

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