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Social Media Is the Key Component for Brand Building

Using social media is great as a sales channel, but this is not the main purpose of social media. Before you can start to become a trustworthy brand and make sales, you need to build up your brand image. This is a careful and calculated process that needs to be consistent with your website, email marketing, and other online or offline marketing campaigns that your business may be undergoing. In the end, the final goal is to build up a reputable brand name.

Here are some ways in which you can make sure that you are building a branded social media business page for your business offering.

1. Make Sure People are Able to Leave Reviews

Now forget the reviews on your website because everyone knows that you control these. The best place to get honest reviews that are out of your control, and everyone else knows are out of your control, is on a social media review page. Facebook is one of the best places to allow people to leave reviews. There is an established system on which people will be able to review your business with a rating system. The more good reviews you encourage from your clientele, the more established your brand name will become.

2. Use Schema on Your Website for Google Reviews

Even if your website is not ranking well for keyword search terms on organic search engine results, people will still search your brand name. You should have Google Webmasters installed to make sure you can see how many people search for your brand name. If even 10 people are searching your brand name, then a Google star rating system will appear next to your search. This way people are able to look at your business ratings and reviews left via the organic Google review system.

Although this may not seem like it is a social media tool, in fact arguably it is. People are able to use this system to share their rating to a social networking group that likes to use the Google rating system as a way to check whether a website is trustworthy or not.

3. Allow People to Leave Comments and Share Your Posts

It rather depends on which system you are using to allow shares. On Twitter, people will re-tweet, and on Facebook people can share your posts. Also, allowing people to leave comments is important. The reason you need people to make comments and share is to show how popular your brand is. It also gives others a voice about your brand. You are showing people that you are not scared to allow people to talk about your brand. Plus, as long as you are offering the best service you possibly can within your means, and you are charging the right price for that service, then you should foster some positive comments.

Being Open About Your Business Is the Key

If you are open about your business and allow people to do as they will with your social media ratings, as well as other rating systems, then you are showing honesty. It will also keep you on your toes, so you do not get lazy and start to slack off. You always know that you need to deliver the highest quality service in order to get the best reviews because those reviews about your business are public.

You will also be able to gain insightful feedback from customers about areas of your business that you need to improve. Maybe you see repeated complaints about the packaging or your report, so you know you know you need to improve this part of your service because customers obviously expect this area of your service to be better. Letting people comment about your business also gives you a chance to contact them and show them you care. There is nothing better than interacting with those that chose to interact with your business.


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