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Why Small Businesses Should Embrace Digital Marketing

Up to 30% of small businesses plan to invest in digital marketing, according to a small business marketing trends report. Digital marketing is constantly evolving and is a key facet of your small business that you need to continuously stay on top of. What worked in the last year will not necessarily produce the same results in 2018. As more small businesses embrace digital marketing, there is a lot to learn about the push behind an increase in digital marketing budgets.

With the emergence of digital marketing, small businesses must start looking at how they market themselves. This means having a well-developed and more robust digital marketing strategy in place is a must. Internet ad revenue alone topped $60 billion in 2015, with mobile advertising revenue growing more than 66% in the same year. What does this mean for small businesses?

It’s time to increase your digital presence. Here are 5 reasons why you should embrace digital marketing:

Marketing Dynamics are Changing

From Google to Facebook, pretty much everything about marketing is evolving. Every small business and brand out there wants to perfect their marketing strategy and be competitive. To be successful, you need to evaluate your online presence. According to Lead to Conversion, a site where you can get high-quality link building, marketing dynamics are changing fast.

Whether it’s SEO, link building, social media marketing or other digital marketing strategies, small businesses need to realize the need to embrace digital marketing. Where exactly does your business rank in the eyes of today’s digital customer? Being familiar with digital marketing trends and changes in the market will keep you one step ahead of the competition.

Millennials are Searching Online

Millennials make up the largest and most diverse population in the U.S. today – 80 million strong. For small businesses, taking advantage of this huge demographic and its massive buying power is a must. In fact, market forecasts show that millennials will control up to 75% of the job market by 2025, meaning they’ll have the buying power that small businesses are looking for.

Generation Z is also close behind. These two demographics are increasingly using the internet, social media and digital searches to research businesses that they shop with. Ask yourself: Is your small business one of them? With more millennials and even day-to-day consumers shifting online, small businesses should expect to reap big.

Social Media is Influencing Consumer Buying Decision

A small business marketing report by notes that up to 71% of small businesses plan to use social media content to grow and maintain their customer base. This trend is expected to continue as social media plays a huge role in influencing consumer buying decisions. 93% of shoppers are influenced by social media when making purchases.

If consumers are using social media to make purchase decisions, then it should be a top priority for your small business. You want to stay in front of those customers by engaging them and creating relationships that last and influence their purchases. Small businesses that take advantage of the power of social media are able to skyrocket their brand.

Customer Engagement is Driving Growth

Customer data and product and service information are now easily accessible more than ever before. Today’s consumer base is more informed, so businesses need to be serious about their engagement with their target audience rather than focusing oncustomer care alone. By implementing a digital marketing strategy, you’re able to engage your consumers much faster.

It also becomes easier to track consumer movements across the entire purchase process and platforms as they research, shop and leave feedback. There is no doubt that consumer engagement is driving growth among businesses. Set your small business apart by focusing on how you can improve customer engagement and build better brand trust.

Adapt to Trends or Fail

Small businesses must be ready to adapt to trends in a largely globalized market. According to, learning how to implement new marketing strategies and changes that strengthen brand identity is critical to building a strong and thriving brand that keeps attracting consumers. If you’re aiming to make a money, establish an online presence, grow and scale, embracing digital marketing is a must for your small business.

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