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Six Great YouTube Channels for Gun Enthusiasts

Gun enthusiasts are getting their fair share of notoriety these days, and these popular YouTube channels are proof. These YouTubers are gaining quite a bit of traction for their enthusiasm, information, and interesting means of spreading the joys of gun ownership.  Of use to both long-time enthusiasts and newcomers, the charismatic stars of these channels impart their knowledge to viewers in educational clips that range from equipment reviews to proper safety techniques and everything in between.


With over 200,000 subscribers and over 28 million views, this down-to-earth channel is self-described as “equal parts redneck and science.” Hosted by a well-informed enthusiast who loves to share his knowledge of guns (and “other cool stuff”) this is a channel that was obviously the work of a savvy, professional mind. TWANGnBANG is full of little tidbits, such as how to unclog a toilet with a shotgun along with just about everything you’d need to know to defend yourself against a zombie apocalypse. Host Cameron Martz’s blend of high-quality shots and excellent production makes his videos interesting, eye-catching, and easy to watch. Martz reviews both bows and firearms (as is evidenced by the channel’s name) and in doing so he has retained a strong following of subscribers.  


This kindly retired teacher and former competition shooter has picked up quite a bit of notoriety by providing a “drama-free, family-friendly shooting channel.” This YouTube channel has drummed up over 1,880,000 subscribers and has had an astonishing count of over 488 million views. As a fatherly figure who speaks with an educational tone, he makes enthusiastic videos in the privacy of his own enviable shooting range, which is located in the backyard of his Tennessee home. This humble sportsman offers videos that cover just about every topic in which a gun enthusiast may have an interest; from the fascinating firearms of yore to the most modern of pistols. In addition to gun reviews, he also speaks on the subject of ammunition. Aside from his large wealth of knowledge, Hickok45 is also well-known for his superior marksmanship, making his videos worth the watch not only from an educational aspect but also to witness some impressive talent in action.

Colion Noir

The first indication that Colion Noir should have some attention paid to him is that he himself is a fan of Hickok45, proving that great minds think alike. Colion Noir’s mission to spark the interests of the millennial generation and promote responsible gun ownership shines through in all of his polished productions. In addition to his YouTube channel, he is also the host of the NRA show “NOIR” and acts as an NRA News Commentator. The camerawork and production quality that is put into this YouTube channel is bar-none the best we have seen, and the videos themselves are impressive works of art. Colion Noir is both witty and charismatic, and he has a knack for telling a great story. His commitment to the modern firearms industry and lifestyle shows through as he takes his viewers on a tour of all things gun.


If you’re looking for a channel that has ballistics testing down to a fine art form, tnoutdoors9 is it. This channel has a comprehensive archive of ammunition ballistics testing that touches on just about every caliber and bullet type on the market. The host goes through the gamut of bullet testing, and also provides range reports and some selective firearm reviews. He uses a specially-rigged camera that allows the viewer to watch the shot in action right from the scope of the gun. This channel is a matter-of-fact rendition that is organized, methodical, and informative, but doesn’t lose sight of the importance of a great personality and a soothing southern accent to capture and keep the viewing audience.


This YouTuber records from South Jordan, Utah, and shares his and sense of adventure and true love for outdoor gear. The nutnfancy channel was launched in 2006 by a military veteran with a deep and devoted love to all things firearms. This is a great stop for any gun enthusiast, as it has an exhaustive list of videos of equipment tests and shoots. With over 600,000 subscribers, this channel serves everyone from military members and seasoned outdoorsmen to the average Joe. This host takes the viewer through well-narrated reviews, and provides information on both the positive and negative details of each product he covers. His reviews are high in detail and offer the viewer just what they asked for: a comprehensive and honest product review for a highly knowledgeable individual. The videos on this channel are organized into playlists by topic and cover a list of gear from guns all the way to flashlights and backpacks.


FPSRussia is the bad boy of the bunch, providing unconventional videos full of explosions and an excessive use of rounds. Although the gamut of reviewers have varying opinions on FPSRussia, that hasn’t stopped this channel from catching the attention of over 5 million subscribers and 700 million viewers. These numbers make this a highly-popular YouTube channel by any standard. The captivating host has a delightfully thick Russian accent, but he is actually played by young American-born Kyle Myers of Georgia, USA. In each video, Myers explains the features of a weapon including its history and purpose, and shows off these features by obliterating a fun range of interesting targets.

The most popular YouTube channels for gun enthusiasts range from Russians and explosions to fatherly figures, southern accents, safety experts, and excellent marksmen. Indeed, there is something for everyone. With an almost inexhaustible amount of topics and reviews, the gun enthusiast can find more than enough information on these channels covering everything gun-related including historical firearms, ballistics tests, latest gun reviews, safety instructions, gun etiquette, gear overviews, and some good old-fashioned target shooting. These channels constantly deliver with their high production quality, attention-grabbing topics, and interesting ways of providing their viewers with good, solid information.

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Ammo Aimee got her nickname from her down home country roots and a passion for using a shooting range as her outlet for stress relief. You'll hardly ever find her not outdoors; riding her horse, quadding over dunes all while staying true to her first love: lifted trucks.

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