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Shopify vs. BigCommerce- Which One Is Ideal for eCommerce Business Websites

In this article, we compare two popular e-commerce platforms, BigCommerce and Shopify, to help you decide which one is best for your business. Learn about their differences in convenience, themes, payment gateways, cost, and customer satisfaction.

Those who are thinking about opening an eCommerce store will soon face a common question- BigCommerce or Shopify- which one they should use for their eCommerce website development? Two of the most potent e-commerce platforms are Shopify and BigCommerce. They make it simple for anyone to start, market, and expand a highly lucrative eCommerce business from a single digital platform.

Both systems are user-friendly for beginners, give several simple functions, and offer responsive, mobile-friendly layouts, but each of them also has some significant distinctions. In this article, we will thoroughly discuss the key comparison between Shopify and BigCommerce that will surely assist all eCommerce business owners to choose the best one for running their business.

BigCommerce is the leading eCommerce business solution in the market that makes it simple to launch and run an eCommerce store. If you are running an offline store and wish to move it online, this platform is extremely well-supported. BigCommerce is unquestionably the ideal place to start in the majority of scenarios for retailers, owners, and wholesalers that wish to personalize within a hosted environment. Its current clients include Bliss, DressUp, Toyota, etc. as well as start-ups opening new outlets.

What Is Shopify?

Shopify is the most famous and widely used eCommerce platform that is designed to help anyone start, run, and grow their online businesses. Even users with limited technical skills can easily experiment and construct an eCommerce store rapidly with the help of Shopify. Since it arrived in 2006, Shopify has amassed up to 4 million members across 175 nations. Huge firms including Lindt, Heinz, Gymshark, Red Bull GmbH, and many reputable companies are using Shopify.

Detailed Comparison between BigCommerce and Shopify

While BigCommerce and Shopify are both fantastic in their way, there are key distinctions that make one platform more appropriate for particular sorts of users than the other. Some industry insiders claim that Shopify is the best, although BigCommerce holds its position well.

Both BigCommerce and Shopify play major roles in the eCommerce business sector. Major participants in the realm of eCommerce software are Shopify and BigCommerce. While BigCommerce was created in 2009, the latter has been providing businesses and merchants with an easy-to-use shopping platform since 2004. A huge number of businesses have been using both these platforms for so long. In this article, the differences between Shopify and  BigCommerce are discussed thoroughly. This comparison should help you decide which one is the best platform for you. Let’s start the comparison now.


This is one of the main distinctions between Shopify and BigCommerce. Shopify is a popular option for business owners starting their first eCommerce store because it is simpler to use. Shopify guides you through each essential step and you can very quickly establish your new store. The user-friendly structure of Shopify helps all new users to complete all the time-consuming processes within a moment and they do not need to have lots of knowledge in eCommerce business for creating their online store in Shopify.

On the other hand, BigCommerce is not so convenient and it is less appropriate for newcomers for its difficult structures and features. It may take more time and effort to learn a variety of technical things in BigCommerce. So, this is advisable that if you are a little bit experienced eCommerce business owner, then you can opt for BigCommerce. And if you are a newcomer, then go for Shopify without any doubt. This major distinction between Shopify and BigCommerce will help you choose the ideal one for your business.

Numerous Attractive Themes

Good and attractive themes are the most vital elements of any eCommerce store. A user-friendly, well-designed website can be a quick method to gain an edge over competitors and boost revenue. A website’s visitors might leave if the web design is poor and unattractive.

Shopify only offers 90 templates or themes for all eCommerce businesses. Though many are pricey, if you are on a tight budget, many useful themes are available for free on Shopify.

On the other hand, BigCommerce has more than 120 themes available, although many of them are identical or have minor color differences. This is another key distinction between Shopify and BigCommerce. Another basic drag-and-drop page builder is provided by completely free BigCommerce. Similar functionality is offered by Shopify, but it is not completely free, it comes with a monthly cost of $12.99 more.

Payment Gateways

Both BigCommerce and Shopify have connections to significant payment gateways like Quickbooks, PayPal, and so on. But Shopify provides connectivity to more payment channels than BigCommerce. This key distinction between Shopify and BigCommerce has made Shopify more efficient and more popular than BigCommerce.


Although the costs of the two systems are comparable, if you are starting from scratch, Shopify is substantially less expensive than BigCommerce. Shopify charges a set monthly subscription fee as well as an additional transaction cost. BigCommerce includes a 15-day free trial as well as a flat-rate membership charge with no transaction fees.

When transaction fees are taken into consideration, the cost of Shopify and BigCommerce also changes a little bit.

Customer Satisfaction

Another key difference between BigCommerce and Shopify is customer satisfaction. Shopify always gives more excellent customer satisfaction than BigCommerce. Shopify has a better customer support and many more useful features than BigCommerce, that’s why customers are satisfied more with Shopify rather than BigCommerce.

Final Thoughts

Both Shopify and BigCommerce are extremely useful eCommerce website development platforms and you can get tons of benefits from both of them. But some major differences between these two software make Shopify a better option than BigCommerce. Hence, if you are a newcomer in the eCommerce business and want to get success easily, then you must choose Shopify instead of any other platform.

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