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SAP Fiori – The New Partnership With Google Simplifies Software Experience

There is always a growing expectation and demand in the workplace for consumer-friendly experiences while using technology to accomplish any task. As an SAP consultant you must be aware of the fact that SAP’€™s software is not known for its user-friendliness. However, there has been an ongoing effort to change this perception since a long period of time.

SAP has redefined the way business users perform their daily task through creating an in-built format similar to the way they interact with technology in their day-to-day life. Therefore, after an extensive research work, SAP has unveiled a set of user-friendly applications which can run on your desktop, tablet or even on your Smartphones to make your life much easier. This app suite is popularly known as SAP Fiori was launched at Sapphire event in Orlando.

sap fiori

SAP Fiori is a group of apps that are simple,easy-to-use and provide an intuitive user experience for extensively used SAP software functions across a variety of devices.

Fiori has introduced 25 apps in its first release for the common business function like information look ups, self-service tasks or workflow approvals. Well, this has proved to be quite useful. As Fiori application is written in HTML5, multiplatform dispositions are possible. According to the SAP’s announcement, these applications also target a few common business processes for users who perform tasks like getting their travel expenses approved or creating sales order.

SAP Fiori was initially developed by working with nearly 250 customers to comprehend the common business function and the manner in which user experience for those functions can be simplified and mended. However, those users who have used SAP Fiori at an early stage have reported its tremendous impact on the business with increased employee productivity, increased adoption of business processes and reduced work completion time.


Fiori is built in tandem with SAP’€™s new partnership with Google which has been constructed to help SAP deliver new applications with its focus on design and look.

According to Google, partnership with SAP is to develop outstanding HTML5 applications that are optimised for Chrome. This partnership with SAP has allowed to bring in ease in the consumer world in relation to areas like retail, government and finance. These applications are optimised on chrome which is the most secured browser on the internet. It offers ten millions of SAP customers a better user experience with Chrome while performing tasks such as managing customer relationship finance or human resources. The browser is always up-to-date with the latest web technologies and allows the apps to shine on any device.

The application also leverages responsive design for making apps sensitive and adapt to any form of device with a single user interface.

The apps can be accessed from any mobile devices and desktop devices through a steady user experience. To get the job done easily, it provides a simple and coherent consumer grade experience across a wide array of devices. Not only these, SAP Fiori enables you to influence your existing SAP investments by delivering powerful business outcomes. Simply get started with SAP Fiori and bring immediate value to your employees.

With proper SAP training Fiori apps can be deployed in multiple ways:

As multiple web apps, as a collection of apps with single Launchpad and can be consumed from a third-party portal. However, the interesting part is, SAP Fiori can be configured to provide access to a sub-set of apps based on the user roles. In addition, SAP UI5 and SAP Netweaver Gateway deliver an end-to-end extensibility and simple techniques to manage the solution architecture.

SAP Fiori apps

Each of the SAP Fiori app consists of UI component and an integration component. The former is an SAPUI5 application (User Interface Development Toolkit for HTML5) and the latter provides the underlying SAP NetWearver Gateway OData service

SAPUI5 supports application developers in creating an easy and fast User Interface Application based on JavaScript and HTML5. It is a framework and series of libraries that front-end developer can cause to build persuasive and genuine HTML5 based applications. In addition, it embraces JQuery and has more UI controls.

SAP NetWearver Gateway which was previously known as project Gateway is a technology that provides a simple technique to connect to devices, environment and platform to SAP software based on market standards. This framework helps in developing people centric solutions bringing the power of SAP business software in to such experience such as mobile and tablet devices, social and collaboration environment or even rich internet applications.

A recent deployment of SAP Fiori at Colgate has brought amazing positive feedbacks. Tom Greene, the chief information and business service officer were quite excited by its ease of use and simplicity. He also expects SAP Fiori to provide a consumer grade user experience to his employers.Benjamin Salter, an application development and enterprise architect in Valero had also shared similar feelings with the positive influence of SAP Fiori within a short time frame.

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