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Sales Presentations: How to Make the Difference?

This post explain how to make a winning sales presentation and the tips to make a winning sales presentation.

Your sales materials support your prospects in the different phases of the decision cycle. In B to B, your sales presentations are among the first tools to reflect your offer to your potential customers. And which will allow you to differentiate yourself.

This tool is an essential support to score points with your prospect. But standing out is not easy. This famous “prez” can quickly become boring or irrelevant for your target client, and it must therefore be thought out and carried out by following certain rules.

How do you find the balance between saying too much and not enough? How do make your prospect want to request a new appointment?

Definition of Sales presentation

The commercial presentation is a crucial support for your first commercial appointment since it reflects your company’s vision and differentiating markers. Well structured and formatted in a short format, this sales tool allows you to make a difference and position yourself against your competitors.

How to make a winning Sales presentation

Ask yourself the right questions

Before you start building your business presentation, take a little height! What is the end goal at the end of your presentation? Would you like to get an appointment or schedule a demo? These questions will ultimately allow you to make a presentation centered around this goal and organize it accordingly.

Ask yourself what the key messages you want to convey are. This will be about ten messages at most, allowing you to achieve the objective set above.

Organize your speech

When crafting a sales medium, start by defining your flatbed. This frame is a benchmark around which you will organize your argument. Organize your key messages into 3 or 4 parts to punctuate your sales presentation.

Don’t forget an essential rule in organizing your content: Concretely, remember to orient your speech around your client and not you! Keep 80% of the slides to discuss your target: their issues, sector, and need. Keep the remaining 20% to discuss your figures, company, and offers.

Also, keep in mind that a slide deals with one message at a time. Beyond that, you risk losing your interlocutor, who will not understand the message you want to convey to him. Be concise and “don’t load the mule” at the risk of diluting your messages in a flood of words.

Personalize your message

An effective sales presentation must allow your prospects to find themselves in your speech. Have you thought about your storytelling? A story that involves your prospect makes an impression and makes your interlocutor adhere to your business project.

Besides storytelling, save room to customize some slides. Start by learning about your prospect’s key issues and adapting your message accordingly. This will allow you to state your offer as the answer to his needs clearly. Your added value and your differentiating markers will appear as real competitive advantages for your prospect.

Avoid overly general speeches. Everything you say must be centered around your interlocutor. You understood that the more you talk about yourself, the less your presentation would allow your prospect to get involved in your speech. Even if the content is decisive, the form must also be considered in your sales materials.

Choose your visuals

Your business presentation should reflect your identity. Should we still specify that it must be based on your graphic charter? Yes, remember! Take care of the choice of logos, colors, font, size, illustrations, and animations. Be well identified and make your company stand out.

Apart from your codes, you can also reflect the codes of the sector in which your target is located. You can perfectly adapt your visuals to your prospect’s sector by using (sparingly!) pictograms, watermark textures, or colors representative of his activity. The goal is to allow your interlocutor to find himself in one way or another in his universe. It will more quickly identify your offer as a potential solution!

Do not try to homogenize everything

Your railroad certainly puts forward more important messages than others. It would be wise to enhance them visually so that your prospects retain them more. To do this, solid colors or slides on a full background provide contrast and highlight certain messages. Vary these layouts to prevent your sales presentation from being too homogeneous and lacking in dynamism.

Remember to punctuate your presentation with visuals. Without overdoing it, diagrams, graphs, and schedules can be essential to your speech if they are well formatted. Note that if you need to modify them for each of your presentations, you can link your graphs or diagrams directly from Excel so that they are updated dynamically. This trick is also valid on PowerPoint or Word.

Tips for Ideal Business presentations

A “good” sales presentation will allow you to achieve your objective, such as making a future appointment to go further in your sales cycle. Here are three tips to keep in mind when you embark on creating a new presentation or redesigning an existing one.

Be Methodical

Before you start writing the slides for your sales presentation, some preliminary work is necessary.

  • Define your final objective (make an appointment, organize a demo).
  • List the key messages you want to convey.
  • Organize them around your flat sheet, keeping in mind the rule of one slide per key message.
  • Put your customer at the center of your messages throughout your speech.

Change your view

A business presentation is not meant to be read. Avoid elaboration: do not describe the characteristics of your products or services in length, breadth, and across. Or how rich your company is in locations, X teams, X customers worldwide with endless texts. Your prospect will thank you!

Keep in mind that a sales presentation is a teaser of your offer. You are not there to say EVERYTHING but to make your prospects want to organize a new meeting. Limit yourself to 15 or 20 slides maximum. Beyond that, you will lose the attention of your interlocutors.

Don’t Use too many gimmicks

A picture is worth a thousand words! This quote from Confucius says a lot about formatting your business presentation. Used in moderation, animations, graphics, infographics, and illustrations are to be preferred depending on the data to be highlighted. However, these elements must be discreet and elegant.

And don’t be afraid of emptiness on your slides: “white” spaces allow you to breathe and have an airy design! Do not fill them at all costs. The role of your sales presentations is to help your teams make a difference to their prospects. Aren’t we talking about “sales support”? So for this term to take on its full meaning, do not do like the others. Stand out against your competitors!

Your key arguments must be reflected in your presentation and centered around the needs of your future client. This approach will ultimately allow you to convince your target to take the next step.

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