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The S7 Edge Deserves a Skin

Before you bought your Galaxy S7 Edge, a lot of time went into researching the phone. That’s why, before you even pulled it out of the box, you knew that you had to protect your Edge with a vinyl skin. Now that you’ve finally picked it up and felt it for yourself, this is even more evident. In the few seconds it took you to turn it on and text everyone your new number, you’ve managed to smudge the backing up. Uncovered, an S7 Edge looks grimey. Worse yet, it’s unprotected from the elements.

Whether you use your Galaxy to search for protection or not, you’ll want to keep a few things in mind. There’s a reason why you should go with an S7 Edge skin. Cases and other protective coverings can’t match skins’ exacting coverage, so they end up leaving parts overhanging or parts of the phone unprotected. A Galaxy S7 skin, on the other hand, takes a few design pointers straight from Samsung. A skin provides superior protection in a sleek and minimalist form. You’ll never have to worry about the profile any clasps or hinges create on your cool Galaxy, as S7 Edge skins are made according to its dimensions.

Besides fit, the vinyl skin has another advantage over the hard, inflexible plastics of cases. The material that makes up an S7 Edge skin is thin and naturally lightweight. Once it’s cut to match the unique dimensions of the Edge, it won’t add any cumbersome weight to the phone. We’re only talking a matter of grams here.

Lightweight coverage that covers every bezel, button, corner, and curve means your skin can stop scratches, scuffs, and gouges from damaging the S7 Edge. The vinyl also provides greater traction, so you have more to hold on to – which means the chances of your phone slipping through your fingers decrease significantly! The very same properties that make it easier to grip makes it repel grime, so you won’t have to look at a smudgy backing ever again.

Fit, protection, and grime resistance aren’t your only concerns. Part of the reason why you got the S7 Edge is because of its looks. You don’t want a skin that ends up interfering with its fashionable style. Take a look at new Galaxy S7 Edge skins from dbrand to see just how stylish a skin can be. Their expertly engineered skins are completely customizable, and you can choose from a variety of colours and textures to match your personality. You can go for a sophisticated look of leathers and mahogany, or you can jump on the bright true colour train and select a skin of bright magenta. It’s up to you!

Regardless of the colours or textures you choose, be sure to go for those that are precision-cut 3M vinyl. That way you know your Galaxy S7 Edge has the protection and fit that it needs to stay protected.

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