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Roles Leadership Factor Play in International Marketing Studies:

What is International Marketing:

International Marketing or global marketing is a type of marketing carries on an international level. The International marketing of a company is done with the strategy designed in the native country and distributed to the other affiliations present in the world. It is decided by many multinational companies. International marketing studies is the course provided for the development of international marketing programs by determining the motives and processes of an organisation through various types of studies, marketing researches, advertisements, distribution and production.

Career options in International Marketing studies are: Advanced International Management certificate, Doctor of Business Administration-International Marketing, Masters in Business Administration- International Business, Master of Science in International Marketing Management, Masters of Science in Global Marketing, Masters of Science in International Marketing, Advanced International Management certificate, BA in International Business, BA in Public Relations and Marketing- International Management. Some of the top universities providing courses for marketing studies are- Harvard University, London Business School, University of Pennsylvania, Stanford University, University of Cambridge, New York University and many more.

Understanding Leadership Factor:

Leadership is defined as the quality of pleasing the target audience to fulfil a piece of a task by providing motivation, purpose and direction. There are four key factors of Leadership: 1. The Led- the Led is the group of people you wish to assign together as a team. The group shares a common goal, dependence on each other to achieve that goal, behaving in a way that they all share a common goal. 2.

The Leader- A person who guides the Led about the particular situation to achieve their goals. He/ she must have the knowledge or skills to lead his/ her team effectively. 3. The Communication-It refers to the exchange of information and ideas. Communication would be effective if everyone understands each other messages properly. It could be verbal, non-verbal or physical.

The relationship between Leadership Factor and International Marketing Studies:

The Leadership Factor plays an important role in deciding International Marketing strategies. To decide proper marketing strategies, a person should have great leadership quality to influence the target audience. Everyone surviving in this globe is very well aware of their skills and qualities. Students having some interest in leadership factors should pursue degrees in marketing studies so that to use his/ her skills in the right direction.

Students pursuing study in colleges providing courses for International Marketing can take assistance from

Scholars who are pursuing degrees in International Marketing Studies have to follow a very vast and rigid syllabus. They have to study vigorously and deeply to achieve success in that particular field. Students are also provided with the academic assignments from time to time by their professors. In the process of enhancing their leadership skills, sometimes students pass through tough times to handle all the academic troubles at one time.

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1 Comment

  1. Hannah Lagdameo

    April 5, 2019 at 4:13 am

    Good leadership is always important in any aspect of life and this article is just another proof about it. Thank you for sharing.

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