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Role of Augmented Reality in Digital Marketing Today

AR represents a view of the present world through the help of computer-generated graphics. It generates an interaction between real-world and virtual information

There are various types of Extended Reality. Out of them, Augmented Reality has a great influence on digital marketing. Let us know about the difference between virtual reality and augmented reality so that we can better understand the impact of augmented reality.

Virtual Reality

According to the experts of SEO company Toronto, Virtual Reality usually works well in the gaming and entertainment industry. It has the capability of immersing a user. Again, it needs hardware. Virtual Reality is not commonly accessible to the general public. Nowadays, SEO companies in Toronto are searching for creative ways to use Virtual reality in digital marketing.

Moreover, VR is computer-generated. Here, a three-dimensional environment is created that gives the feel of reality. VR is capable of creating an illusion that a person can enjoy from anywhere like home or office.

Augmented Reality

It is highly accessible to common people. Almost everyone carries a smartphone. Hence, it is easier for people to access AR. Just pointing the phone camera at the Augmented Reality QR Code can launch the experience automatically.

Again, AR represents a view of the present world through the help of computer-generated graphics. It generates an interaction between real-world and virtual information. An example of Augmented Reality is Pokémon Go.

Why is Augmented Reality more accepted by people for Digital Marketing?

  • Augmented Reality doesn’t need any hardware like a headset.
  • No special software or app is needed.
  • One can access it anywhere from a tablet or smartphone.
  • It interacts with the real world surrounding a user.
  • It can transform printed marketing into digital marketing.
  • Augmented Reality is available for both small and large businesses.

Digital Marketing experts all over the world prefer Augmented Reality as XR. The general public can access it along with small businesses that have a low budget for digital marketing.

Let’s take today’s scenario of acceptance of Augmented Reality in Digital Marketing

At present, digital marketing strategies are considering AR more than before. The analytics of AR is consistently showing 30-40% engagement rates. Plus, it is displaying higher click-through rates, increased sales, and time-on-page.

AR can make a brand look good

Now, almost all educated and digitally aware people know about VR and AR. They prefer to believe VR and AR as significant signs of innovation and strength of a business. Modern brands and digital marketers consider AR and VR as important in digital marketing so that specific businesses can stand ahead of their competitors.

Additionally, Augmented Reality is different from traditional advertisements and marketing. Today’s customers are super excited about VR and AR and want them more.

The particular technology is relatively new. So, any authentic digital marketing agency in Toronto is making use of AR or VR as an advantage for clients’ businesses. Hence, we can say that the businesses that are employing AR for marketing will get more benefits than others shortly when this type of technology will be omnipresent.

Augmented Reality has the superpower to make any brand look super-good and let consumers feel excellent. Marketers can build the trust of their consumers because AR allows digital marketers to show the backend of things to clients. The journey of receiving products becomes detectable to the consumers.

Consumers can now experience products much closer than before. Additionally, digital marketers get crucial information about customer experience. Marketing is gradually becoming consumer-friendly with the increase in the popularity of AR and VR.

New Reality is putting the new age of storytelling forward

AR provides an immersive experience and is a great tool for storytelling. It gives people the feeling of being there and being them. They take their customers on a pleasant journey and help in creating a close and personalized relationship with the brand.


The thing that brands must remember while using AR and VR is that both are storytellers. They interact with products as well as customers through storytelling. Any reputed digital marketing company in Toronto is giving utmost importance to augmented reality and virtual reality as important tools for marketing. It is giving clients’ brands an edge over the rest of the market. Moreover, the capacity of AR is increasing rapidly and in the future, it is going to be in a dominant position.

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