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Ring Ring! Time to Call Pest Control!

In today’s do-it-yourself culture, with web blogs and YouTube ‘how-to’ videos, it can be hard to find out where you’re in over your head. Bringing in a professional has a price tag attached to it. However, don’t do it yourself unless you’re absolutely sure you can control the outcome. DIY solutions are ideal because paid services cost money, and multiple applications will push up the cost.

One of the best things any do-it-yourselfer can master, whether it’s in pest management or sanitation, is how to determine when it’s time to call a specialist. Here are some indications that it is time to pause the spray, pick up the phone, and contact the pest control experts. Make sure you choose the best one for your area. This is easy, especially if you need a Minneapolis pest control, for example. Now keep reading to find out when it’s time to call up pest control!

Obvious property damage

Is there anything chewing on your furniture, rugs, clothes, or walls? Are the pencil-thin corridors running across your walls? Have you seen some chewed-up wiring? These are both indicators of pest-inflicted damage and should be checked out immediately.

What’s the risk of letting the pests go unchecked? When you’re good, it’s nothing more than throwing back a childhood jumper chewed by a rodent. If you’re not so lucky, you could have to vacate your home and have significant repair work done.  Wires that have been chewed on by rodents are known to cause electrical fires. Termite and carpenter ants can cause lots of destruction that will make the entire foundation of your house unstable.

Pest droppings

If you’ve found mouse drops or moist urine stains in your kitchen or larder, or anywhere else in your home, you probably have mice or rats. Cockroach feces are smaller and feel like ground pepper. Both are safety issues for humans and pets in your household, and since such pests will cause life-threatening illnesses, they are things that you would want to put behind you as soon as possible.

A pest control team will ensure that you can have a safe home environment and have these pests evicted immediately.

Sharp noises

The good thing about the scraping and rusting noises you hear is that, unless you’re trapped in a horror movie, they’re actually not ghosts. The bad news? We’ll tell you! Pests have infiltrated your house and there’s something you need to know with them. When you’re lying in bed at night and you hear scampering across your ceiling or around the walls, you’ve got some mice in your home. If you hear a rustle coming from within the house, there are possibly aggressive carpenter ants or mites breeding inside.

One sighting

There’s an old saying that there will be a 100 more living in the walls for each and every cockroach you see. The numbers might not be accurate, but if you see any household pest, like a rodent, a wasp, a moth, or even a seldom seen bed bug, you should know there are probably lots more scattered throughout the house.

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