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REVIEW: Mickey Mouse Apps for Children

mickey mouse clubhouse

Mickey Mouse is one of the best cartoon characters in the world and with a constant smile on his face, he is a perfect role model and a teacher for your children. That’s why there are applications for iPad called “A Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Road Rally Appisode” and “A Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Mickey’s Wildlife Count Along”. This applications will help kids to improve their skills through game. Here’s how.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Road Rally Appisode

This application is made based on the TV series with the same name. The principle of this game is to help Mickey Mouse and his friends to solve problem in each pit stop of the race. Problems are different and kids need to choose the right tool for solving the problem and then get through the obstacle by finding the right shape or one particular number of some objects. It is great way to improve children’s skills and knowledge. The best part of this application is that after every race, Mickey returns to every problem and reviews it, which si great way to revise everything they learned in one round.

This application isn’t made for kids just to sit and listen, but they can take part in the game. Mickey asks questions and kids have enough time to answer, tap, shake or wipe and learn something in the way. The plot is funny and kids won’t stop laughing which is important, because it is easier to learn through fun and game.

Parents can also play this game with their young ones to show them the way if their kids don’t know the answer. If your kid is confused or wants to know more about something he saw in the game you can explain it to him and make him happier. Let this application be the foundation for your kid’s learning skills and don’t just stop at it. You can play with your kid and show him some better and more entertaining ways of learning as well.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Mickey’s Wildlife Count Along

A Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Mickey’s Wildlife Count Along is an application that will teach your child how to count and some interesting facts about animals and their natural habitat. It is designed for preschoolers and it is very simple to understand, actually it seems that this application will be too simple for children that go to school.

The application takes children on a road trip with Mickey Mouse and his friends, where they learn different things through game and fun. Kids can learn about natural habitats of different animals, for example if they are in the deserts they will learn that is logical that dolphins can’t live there because it is very hot and there are no water. The variety of animal species in this application is big, so kids can learn names of different animals as well as where they live. Kids can improve their knowledge about animals and numbers through games, like one where they must find animals of a certain number or species.

Even the parents can join children while playing this game and say something more about some animal or natural habitat. If your children have questions, tell them that they can ask you something about animals that they want to know. It is a great way for your kid to learn about math and animals.

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Marko studies computer science and he is a big fan of technology, gadgets and smartphones. In his free time he researches technology and gadgets and then he makes a web sites about it with advises and reviews. One of his last web sites is Mickey Mouse Watch.



  1. Sudipto

    May 23, 2013 at 7:49 am

    hey Marco,
    nice post and Thanks for sharing this app. I never heard about this app but after reading this post it really seems interesting and also attracting.

  2. jos

    September 11, 2013 at 7:28 am

    This app looks like a great one for children. I haven’t seen or heard of it before but would like to get one for the kids after reading this great review. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Jay

    February 28, 2014 at 5:36 pm

    I have this app on my iphone for my daughter, but her device is an android tablet. Even though there are simlar apps for android, the graphics and sounds always seem much better on iphone/ipad.
    Anywy, Disney is a good brand, and these games are especially good if the child has had personal experiences with the characters (i.e. visited Disney world or Disney Land).

    thanks for the review.

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