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REVIEW: Free Traffic System

free traffic systemHave you ever wondered how to get free content for your Website or blog especially when you are struggling to keep up with posting articles regularly? There is a popular saying the “content is King” when it comes to increasing Web traffic and getting the coveted visitors to your Website. While there are many sites that boast of offering free content and unlimited one-way links to Webmasters, Free Traffic System stands out for its size and unique affiliate rewards program.

Features of the Free Traffic System

The Free Traffic System offers free or professional membership registration from all kind of Website authors including affiliates, bloggers and Internet marketers, although some limitations exist depending on your type of affiliation. Writers can often choose where to submit their (spinned) articles from a large pool of Websites depending on their preferred niche. This is mostly done so as to build several one-way backlinks for their Websites while publishers can add their blogs or sites to the system in order to publish free articles through an automated system.

Disadvantages of the Free Traffic System

In spite of all the seemingly positive features described above, there are certain issues that stand out which anyone who intends to make use  of the Free Traffic System must consider. Some of these concerns are listed below.

  1. Poor Quality Content: For those publishers who worry about the quality of content on their Website, Free Traffic System may not be the way to go. This is because it appears that a lot of writers are too concerned about the potential number of back-links they will receive their articles to bother about quality.
  2. Irrelevant Content: The chances of having irrelevant content on your blog increases when you use free-content systems. Although this particular system has been designed in such a way that articles are distributed through special niche filters,  some authors write ambiguous articles that may find their way through these filters.
  3. Poor Grammar: Poor grammar is almost inevitable in free content mechanisms due to the use of article spinning methods. Article spinning is a way of disguising duplicate content from search engines by replacing elements in an article with similar alternatives. Since every submitted article on the Free Traffic System is spinned, it often results in articles littered with a few meaningless sentences or paragraphs in patches.
  4. Bad Formatting: The Free Traffic System will not follow your presentation structure (if you have one) and the articles do not have images. You will therefore observe that the style of writing or presentation format used in a published post could be totally different from what you desire.
  5. Repeated Content: This is the most embarrassing of all the points listed above as far as I am concerned. There are cases where the same article is posted twice or more. Such occurrence could  put off regular visitors or readers from your Website.


While many find the Free Traffic System as a useful source of backlinks (Authors) and free content (Publishers), I would not recommend it for bloggers who have very high standards. While it may take some time to be ranked high by search engines, you will eventually get there by maintaining your quality. However, if you must use free-content sites, be ready for the time-consuming task of reading and editing every single article before or after they are published. Yes, after they are published, because most free-content sites make use of automated systems that publish articles on your site without first submitting them for review.

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