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Brookson Connect and Pro-Active

One of the hardest things that limited companies struggle with is keeping on top of their finances, especially when it comes to the financial calendar and tax penalties. Brookson Connect delivers up-to-date financial information on your business every 24 hours.  This means it gives you the freedom to plan your finances effectively, especially with the ‘planner’ element of Brookson Connect which will send you automatic reminders and advice on what you need to do and when so that you don’t get a shock when a tax penalty arrives on your door step!

Connect gives you the flexibility of doing your expenses on the move with the invoices element, this means you can log receipts from your smart phone as well as being able to check, raise and send new invoices while you’re out and about. Even whilst your sleeping Brookson is working for you, our nightly bank feed will reconcile your invoices and payments.

If you find yourself in a position where you need to apply for a loan you’ll need to supply some details of your business finances.  This can be done with the ‘money manager’ element of Brookson Connect which enables you to send over an up-to-date snapshot of your finances to any third party.

Furthermore, Brookson have just launched their Pro-Active service which is an enhancement to their full service products for limited companies.  Pro-Active has been set up to keep limited companies and sole traders safe when trying to understand letters from the tax authorities, understanding when invoices and tax liabilities have to be paid, understanding the key dates for filing that have to be complied with.  Pro-Active is there to ensure that you are operating in the most effective manner.

The idea of Pro-active is to resolve a problem or issue before you even spot it. All tax liabilities and key deadlines, personal to your business and to every business are supported by our pro-active service.  Also, if you forget to make a payment Brookson will be notified within 24 hours which means they can contact the customer directly to explain the importance of complying with these responsibilities before any serious fines or penalties are imposed.

Pro-active will ensure that your business is operating in the most tax effective manner, as Brookson update their customers’ accounts daily they will know if they are taking advantage of the correct tax planning opportunities and can help them plan more effectively.

In summary, Pro-active keeps you safe by helping you understand letters from tax authorities, understanding when invoices have been paid, understanding when to pay tax liabilities, understanding key dates for filing, and to understand if you are operating in the most tax effective manner.

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If you would like more information on Brookson Connect or their Pro-Active services you can visit their website: or call them on 0800 230 0213.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. ryan

    May 14, 2012 at 7:38 pm

    “”The Race to the Top: The Real Story of Globalization” by Thomas Larson
    Explains that globalization works because it opens new opportunities.
    What I find amazing is that Brookson Connect delivers up to date financial information on you business every 24 hours, as they say “It gives you the freedom to plan your finances effectively” , it also helps us save tons of hours on paper work, due to the fact that we can log in from our Smartphone and be able to check, raise and send invoices while were out, providing us extra time that can spend with friends, family , hobbies, etc, but it doesn’t ends there, now they have just launched Pro-active, consists in a service that will bring peace to limited companies and sole trades, it’s been set up to ensure that we are operating in the most effective manner, regarding tax letters, when to pay your tax liabilities, key dates for filling, and others, in summary going to help us live more organized, making less mistakes, which will be projected as future benefits.

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