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Revamp Your Online Store with these 6 eCommerce Extensions in 2016

With an increasing number of internet users accessing the web via mobile devices, businesses turned to responsive websites and web applications in the year 2015. For the businesses that sell products and services such as printing, implementing an eCommerce extension increased their productivity throughout the year. This trend is only set to increase in the year 2016 due to the growing number of smart device users across the globe. The following six extensions are going to take the lead in the e-Commerce industry, both for developers and users.

1. WooCommerce

Facing the rising trend in mobile transactions, hundreds of online store addons have been developed to make it easy for clients to order products and services from the comfort of their mobile devices. WooCommerce is a WordPress online store extension that was developed to cater for businesses which need to convert their simple websites into responsive online stores. With an active user base of at least 1 million, WooCommerce is undoubtedly the best eCommerce extension developed by WordPress.

WooCommerce is developed with great strength and flexibility; making both the front and back ends responsive for easy operations on PCs and mobile devices. WooCommerce also takes care of analytics, which is considered the backbone of online stores. With daily tracking of your stock, incoming sales, and the overall performance of the business, the smart dashboard keeps you abreast of every crucial bit of your online store.

There are hundreds of free and premium WooCommerce extensions available on WordPress and many other plugin websites. All these extensions are designed to be responsive and they also incorporate payment gateways such as PayPal.

2. uDropship

uDropship is an eCommerce extension developed by Magento to streamline communication between drop shippers and the store. Magento is the most sophisticated and widely used online store builders and Magento connect is the largest marketplace in the world for extensions and plugins. uDropship allows you to monitor orders and shipments from vendors without compromising the simplicity of the customer interface. This extension comes with the following crucial features:

  • Multiple shipping for every order
  • Capability to incorporate different vendors for different products on a single website
  • Pre-generated orders for every vendor
  • Standard and external checkouts such as PayPal and Google Checkout are supported
  • Vendors have a control panel interface
  • Order notifications are automatically sent to vendors
  • Cool packing slips available in PDF downloadable formats
  • Shipping labels and packing slips are attached in the vendor notification emails
  • Store owner gets to receive comments from each vendor
  • Shipment notifications are automatically sent to the customers
  • uDropship also features polling tracking API for pickups
  • Customized vendor API integration is also allowed
  • Vendor statements are also downloadable in PDF format

uDropship also comes equipped with many online store addons such as AdvancedPO, Payout, MicroSite, MultiVendor, Batch, SplitRate and GeoProximity among others.

3. WP eCommerce

This is another WordPress ecommerce extension that is best known for its lightness and ability to edit in HTML and CSS. Developed by Dan Milward and his team, this free plugin provides an option for your market to subscribe to your online store hence attracting potential customers easily. WP eCommerce has an active user base of over 2 million and is expected to grow in popularity throughout 2016.

With regards to completing purchases, WP eCommerce integrates all the major and safe payment gateways with SSL secure checkout. This platform also incorporates tools for dedicated shipping and order management to give both the customer and store owner an easy time completing transactions. Another plus best known with this plugin is the detailed guides to get started. These guides are available in text and video formats, where the video guides take the user through every step of setting up the store.

4. PrintCommerce

PrintCommerce is trending eCommerce store plugin to customize online products anytime & anywhere. As proactive online store owner and to give more functionality likes to design online products such as t-shirt design, bag design, mug design, pillow design, shoe design, etc.  to your premium clientele then PrintCommerce is perfect for it.

As tool PrintCommerce provides different shapes, many templates, clip-arts or designs by multiple categories like arrows, borders, decorations, clip-arts, doodle, label, logos, nature, sports, symbols and many more.

Main benefit of PrintCommerce online product design tool is customer can easily upload their created designs or ideas and also share directly on social media network as well.

Store owner can easily get ready to print file from this tool and start next process to print required item & quick deliver to customer on time. This is a key point to make clients or end users habitual with your online store and increase sales with effective ROI.

5. Pimcore – Web to print addons

Another ideal e-commerce extension to look out for in 2016 is Pimcore; an open source integrated digital platform that allows users on all ends to manage digital content for any device and channel. With Pimcore, you only need to publish content once and use it everywhere – from traditional landing pages and mobile sites, to social media platforms and traditional advertising media. This multi-channel publishing is enabled by a solid and flexible model that allows all kinds of data entry, irrespective of their structures; while maintaining consistency in all your channels.

Besides flexibility, Pimcore enables high-quality web-to-print framework that provides the functionalities and tools, needed to transform traditional printing into time-saving and flexible processes. The process of rendering quality prints is powered by the Pimcore edition of PDFreactor, which is a standard-based solution for publishing electronic media. PDFreactor supports the latest W3C web standards for media paged in CSS3 and HTML5. This kind of creativity only found at Pimcore, incorporates these technologies to produce outstanding quality web-to-print documents.

6. Easy Digital Download

Also developed for WordPress, Easy Digital Download (EDD) is the other eCommerce extension to look out for in 2016. This lightweight plugin is free and easy to install, allowing multi-languages and secure payment options such as PayPal. EDD also features bundle selling and promotional code system that attracts customers to make multiple purchases.

Another great feature that comes with EDD is the very responsive and interactive analytics found in the attractive sales and earning charts. These charts allow you to monitor your daily activities and make informed decisions to boost your sales. Though still new and low in the number of active subscribers, EDD is certainly expected to grow in popularity in 2016 due to its ease of use and other integrations.

The e-Commerce industry is predicted to grow more popular in the year 2016 and this prediction can only be practical with the existence of strong and reliable e-store platforms. The above mentioned are truly the leading in the industry and their top position is expected to be retained due to their various attractive features.  So whether you are an e-commerce developer or an online store owner who wants to build simple, responsive and effective web-to-print store solution; these extensions are guaranteed to give you the results you are looking for. The best thing about all the mentioned extensions is that they are all responsive enough to be accessed on any mobile device and PC for ease of use and better conversions.

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This is Amy Watson works for Design’N’Buy, a leader in Web2Print software solution. She has more than 5 years of experience in product customization software. She has just research, analysed and introduced about web-to-print product customize software to use anytime from anywhere.

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