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Remote Software Installation: A Guide

What is Remote Software?

Remote software is used to help IT teams communicate with each other on projects. With remote software installation, you can easily get it started in a few minutes.

Remote software can be used to divide multiple applications in to use in a public or private network. In private networks, remote software can be used to monitor and administer all of your computers in a central point.

On public networks, users can automatically update their accounts and request services such as user lookup. The software can be used in a classroom where one PC acts as the “master” of the student computers, automatically turning them off during the night.

Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop is a good choice if you want a lightweight system. It’s developed by Google is free of charge. The only catch is that you have to use the Google Chrome Browser for it to work.

Once you install the extension, you can open up a remote desktop session. Do this by pressing the Chrome Remote Desktop application on your web browser. Since the app is browser-based, it can be used on Windows, Apple, and Linux PCs.

Chrome Remote Desktop is more beginner friendly than Teamviewer, but it also has remote audio if the server and client are running Windows. And, it has clipboard sharing, so you can copy from one computer and paste it to another.

Team Viewer

There is a multitude of remote software tools available, but most of them are paid for. This is because remote-desktop access is not only useful for personal assistance, but also for administration and professional support.

Team Viewer is a primary example of this. As its name suggests, its used as a business tool. Once you install TeamViewer on your PC, you can set it, so it loads with your OS system automatically. This makes remote software installation simple and less time-consuming.

Direct your teammates or family members to get it from the TeamViewer website. Then, they can grant you access by reading out a random access code and ID.

Online VNC

There are some situations where you’re unable to install remote software. For instance, you could have a corporate PC that’s blocked from downloading application. That’s where Online VNC steps in. Online VNC uses Adobe Flash to help display the remote desktop.

Online VNC is a Windows-only desktop application. So you’ll have to speak with your teammates through installing the server/ Once this step is completed, you can connect to a remote PC from any flash enabled computer.

However, there is a word of caution. If you’re using a public PC, then someone could be potentially using spy software to record your actions. Because of this, always change passwords when working with an untrusted client.


We believe that remote software installation is perfect if you’re trying to communicate with your IT team. When installing it, make sure that it suits the needs of you and your company. Conclusively, use remote software to your advantage and watch your team become more productive as a result!



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