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QuickBooks Cloud Hosting and QuickBooks Point of Sale


With QuickBooks or any application hosted on a cloud server, the complexities and extra expenses of such software and its management could be chopped down. The requirement of QuickBooks Cloud hosting has developed from the expanding expenses of specific programming that have far surpassed the value extent of little to medium estimated organizations.

What does QuickBooks Cloud Hosting mean?

This simply means that the QuickBooks software, the data files which are also called QuickBooks files are stored, accessed and run on a dedicated cloud server, rather than in a local machine.

The software when hosted on a cloud server helps the accountants to improve and prove their efficiency. The data remains highly secured and reliable on the dedicated server environment and only the authorized users can access the data from any physical location and work simultaneously at any given point of time. This technology allows the user to access and manage their data anytime and from anywhere, thus saves the time and cost required for a local setup for the same and hence increases productivity.

QuickBooks Cloud Hosting is one of the perfect example of most recent technology and creation of human made machines. The stress of data loss is just a history with the cloud hosting technology as the cloud hosting service providers backup the data on daily basis. Even if the data is lost due to any mishap the customer does not need to worry about it, instead just make a phone call to their respective Cloud hosting service provider.

The basic qualities that you need to enquire before opting for a cloud hosting service provider are:

  • Data backup facility
  • No data loss
  • Easy to use
  • Reduced IT cost
  • automatic upgrades
  • Ability to implement enhancements on an ongoing basis
  • 24×7 support and security
  • Up time of above 98%

QuickBooks Point of Sale

The QuickBooks POS or QuickBooks point of sale is basically a  different business software which could be used  as a part of backing of the general QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions package. Though the QuickBooks Point of sale software has been given more responsibilities than a regular cash register it actually works as a cash register.

The QuickBooks point of sale software from Intuit’s QuickBooks is one out of many QuickBooks products which can work along with or can be operated independently from the original QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions. The QuickBooks Point of sale software from QuickBooks has constantly caught the consideration and interest of numerous individuals.

Four major responsibilities of QuickBooks Point of sale software are

  1. Accept sales
  2. To track customer information
  3. Can be used to manage inventory records
  4. Can be used to prepare business reports

According to the above functions of QuickBooks Point of Sale software it is assumed to be similar to a cash register, but apart from these responsibilities this software possess some other features which makes it efficient in performing some higher level important tasks which you cannot expect from a cash register software.

Beyond this four basic functions, the QuickBooks Point  of Sale software provides one of the greatest benefits which is the increased number of sales. Every business would definitely want to incorporate this wonderful software to their businesses. Apart from these fundamental functionalities of the QuickBooks Point of Sale, clients of the unique program can likewise get assistance from the QuickBooks Point of Sale to manage the clients so that they hold returning. The QuickBooks POS Software is likewise furnished with a more extensive extent of abilities, including:

  1. Mailing Generation: The QuickBooks Point of Sale is furnished with the right feature that permits it to create mailings focused around client information it can gather. Hence, you can offer extraordinary advancements and dependability programs for your clients as a manifestation of client maintenance.
  2. Business Expansion. The QuickBooks Point of Sale software additionally permits you to grow your business by providing an alternative to include more stores, paths, and even to stretch to the online business coliseum, where you can set up a completely adaptable web store.

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Mark Johnson is an IT analyst at Hitech Cloud Hosting Solutions which is a leading Cloud Computing and Application Hosting company. The company specializes in hosting many software including accounting software Quickbooks Hosting, Peachtree Hosting, QuickBooks add-ons, Lacerte Tax Software, Proseries Tax Software, Drake Tax Software, CRM Software (ACT!) and also deals with website designing and maintenance service

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