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A Quick Guide to Internet Security

To say that we now spend an increasingly large amount of time on the internet is simply saying the obvious truth. Whether you are working online, attending to emails, searching Google for answers, or connecting with friends on the social media, you are connected to the internet.

However, the internet is no longer what we used to know it to be as over 30% of the world’s population now finds their way to the internet on a daily basis. As the population of web surfers increase and have close to 2 billion users on the net, the need to start taking your internet security more seriously begins to give a clearer pointer by the day.

You wouldn’t ever dream of getting your dream car brand new and leave it outside unattended and unlocked on the same street well known for car theft. Yet when it comes to our computers, we often fail to do the same. Unprotected computers are cheap prey for malware, viruses, and other online infections not to talk about the real dangers of identity theft were we accidentally share our most valuable information with the numerous online users. Therefore, learning to protect yourself and privacy online is an essential thing for you to do as an internet user. Fortunately, this can be done with the help of a few tools and some useful information.

Install updates to protect your devices

Installing updates for your operating system and browser is a very good step in the bid to protect yourself online. This is often neglected by many online users forgetting that such apps and software as Firefox, Edge, Chrome, and Safari are easy entry points for attackers, therefore, getting software and browser updates is a very wise idea. So any time those update prompt pops up, don’t ignore them.

Enable strong passwords and passcodes

One of the major things that should be your utmost concern while surfing the web is getting your accounts hacked. I’m sure you wouldn’t want to share your valuable bank details with strangers online; neither will you want your private schedules released into the wrong hands. Therefore, use a very strong password to protect all your accounts on your PC or Macs. When it comes to your Smartphone, use a strong PIN as well – the type that will not be an easy guess for intruders. If your device allows a fingerprint lock mode, that will be a perfect option to secure yourself online.

Encrypt your devices

It’s very important to encrypt your communications and devices anytime you go on the web to access any sensitive data. Encryption will allow you have a complete control over your data as it can only be accessed by a device or person that has the ‘key’ needed to translate such data when encrypted.

Use a VPN

Especially when you work on public Wi-Fi, a Virtual Private Network is essential to keep your privacy safe online. VPN is simply a way of using the internet in a much secure way. VPNs works by encrypting your data and then route your traffic through other servers elsewhere in the world, this makes it impossible for anyone to see what you do online. Subscribing to a VPN may not be free but we have a few that can be very much affordable for you running for $10 or less per month. There are a few VPN you can use on your Smartphone and PC for optimum protection and security. Examples include the Nord VPN, IPVanish VPN, Hide My Ass VPN, TorGuard VPN, and much more. If you would like to know more about those VPN we invite you to check this Indepth VPN reviews to make your own opinion about the quality of their service.

Final thought

Aside from the above-listed tips to get yourself more secured and private online, there are a few more things you could do to have more internet security.

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Scott Crone has been writing on tech subjects and SEO for over 6 years.

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