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FOR PROCRASTINATING TUTORS: Why should you get into private tutoring ASAP?

Private tutoring doesn’t ONLY benefit students in particular. It also benefits tutors in general.

If you have a dream of pursuing teaching in your life, tutoring might just be the right thing for you at least at the start of your career. It can give you a nice looking stepping stone to success which can go a long way indeed.

In this article, we’ll discuss the different benefits of tutoring in thorough details. If you are one who’s intrigued to pursue this as a part-time job along with your school or college, you might benefit tremendously from this article. So let’s begin.

1. Tutoring will make you aware of the ways through which you can professionally bond with a child

Bonding is important for effective education. If there’s a clear lack of connection between the teacher and the student, everything will go right over the head. This is a fact that applies even to classrooms.

So if you want to take up teaching as a profession, you should be aware of the different ways through which you might be able to professionally bond with a child purely from the educational point of view. Private tutoring (either online or offline) gives you the platform to learn exactly that at a very early stage of your career.

2. You are not only educating the child; you are also educating yourself 

Tutoring is mutually beneficial to both of you. There’s simply no doubt about it. I’ll explain this with an example for easier comprehensibility.

Say, for example, you are teaching the different laws of motion to a student of the ninth grade. You remember the first and the third law well but the second law’s the one that’s appearing a bit vague to you. After all, you did read them a long time ago.

What will you do in such circumstances? Remember, there’s a job at hand. There’s a kid who’s actually waiting for your explanation.

You have two options in such circumstances. Either you study the matter yourself on the spot, recall it back and explain the same to the kid in simple English, or you can actually skip the matter for the day, learn it in depth at home and then come back the next day to explain the same to the kid.

By doing so, you are also unknowingly brushing up your basics which are something that can make a difference at a later stage of your career (especially in competitive examinations). A small step like that can definitely go a long way indeed.

3. You will clearly be able to see the progress of the child with your open eyes

You will usually be working one on one with a child as far as private tutoring is concerned. This will give you ample opportunities to observe the child’s improvements in various fields of education.

You will be easily able to detect his/her weakness and will be able to convert them into strengths in no time. An incredible experience like that can go a long way indeed.

4. Tutoring also looks good on your CV

Schools and colleges usually want teachers who have a little bit of experience in teaching to go with a sound knowledge of the subject-matter. So tutoring can definitely look great on your CV if you do want to pick up teaching as a career in future.

Even if you don’t take up teaching as a profession, tutoring can still make you a standout among the crowd in other professional fields of life.

That’s because it’s always presumed that you, being a tutor can guide people in the best way and get the job done as per schedule which is something positive from the company’s point of view. So is there something not to like? Guess not!

5. Tutoring can also be an extra source of income for you

Students, be it school or college are always in need of money. Part-time tutoring can help them with that by providing them with an alternative source of income.

Even online tutoring platforms are available these days that can be operated from the very comfort of your drawing room. You can’t ask for more; can you?

So stop procrastinating further. Get into private tutoring ASAP. You’ll see the benefits in the long run for sure.

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Sankar is an academician as well as a content developer. He loves framing engaging write-ups for parents, students and the teachers alike and offers clear as well as practical ideas to make learning fun. In his free time, He loves reading and traveling.He suggest LearnPick Blog for more educational information.



  1. Dipak Jha

    December 27, 2017 at 1:21 pm

    Nice one Mr Shankar Dey. Really helped educators as well as teachers. You have written nice points about online tutoring. Most thanks to your blog writers for promoting online education in India.

  2. Saanvi Singh

    December 29, 2017 at 10:44 am

    This is a very effective and helpful article. Thank you so much, admin. Keep it up

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