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Prepare Pencils and Brushes! The Best Apps to Draw on Android

There are many different drawing applications, some more professional-oriented, others more for personal creations and others for both. Many of you are artists with pencils and brushes or a digital tablet. So it wouldn’t be bad if you could draw and paint whenever you want. Maybe we can help you by taking your sketchbook in your pocket. These are the best apps to draw on your phone (or tablet) with Android.

PicsArt Color

The first application is PicsArt Color, this application is a completely different version of PicsArt we know, the famous photo editing application. This app is useful for both designers and professionals because their options are easy to learn. We can draw in several layers, we have more blending modes and even options to add texture to the brushes. You have a thousand options to explore your full potential as an artist.

Medibang Paint

It’s possible that you have already heard about anime and its unique art style. From nanoblocks to TV series, anime is found almost everywhere and a lot of fanart is being made by anime lovers. If you want to draw comics or manga, this app may interest you, because, besides being able to draw as in any other application, with more than 80 brushes and many other options, it has specialized functions for creating comics, so you can draw your cartoons here. Will you be the next great comics artist?

Autodesk Sketchbook

We cannot talk about drawing applications without mentioning Autodesk Sketchbook. If anything is clear, Autodesk people know how to make applications. The creators of AutoCAD, one of the most important applications in the world of 3D modeling, made this application focused on drawing. With endless options of brushes, colors, perspectives, the ability to make layers, this app will catch your attention instantly. Will you be another of the over 10 million users who use Autodesk?

Adobe Illustrator Draw 

If there is a company that knows about software, this is Adobe. And we have two applications from this American company. The first is Illustrator, an application that many of you surely know for its desktop version, as it is one of the most used applications by graphic artists. This version is expressly designed to draw and export projects that are already ready for Photoshop, Capture or the full version of Illustrator itself.

Adobe Photoshop Sketch

And to complete the workflow with Adobe we have Photoshop Sketch. Similar to Illustrator, it is a version of Photoshop, but designed entirely for drawing. Layers, different brushes, colors and more. It will also allow us to record the project in PSD or open it in Photoshop or Illustrator CC.

Infinite Painter

If we talk about complete applications, we should mention Infinite Painter. This application is designed entirely for drawing, has more than 160 different brushes that work differently depending on the pressure applied. It allows you to make layers, an extensive color palette and something very interesting is that, once the drawing is finished, it allows you to make photo editing on it.

Bamboo Paper

Surely all digital artists know Wacom, the most well-known digital tablet company. Well, it also has its own application: Bamboo Paper. The options are basic but very functional and fast, you also have the option to create your own colors to leave them to your liking. You can also add images to use as a reference, or to paint over it, again, once inside the sheet you can do what you want with it.

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