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Open Source Games

The Technological advancements in our era have digitized various aspects of our life. Card games which were supposed to be a social activity conducted at gatherings are no exception. Nowadays, card games have moved to the online sector and have created a massive market for themselves. The online card game market is a lucrative industry with great revenue potential. As a result, there has been an increased demand for card game development.

Card games like Poker, Rummy, and Teen Patti are the highlights of online casinos. Today, the card game market is a very promising industry that is showing no signs of slowing down. The online card game market features much open-source software that lets you play various card games for free.

What are Open-Source Games?

Open-source games are games that anyone can alter because their source code is available to the general public and the developers have given permission to everyone to enhance and modify the game. Players can adapt open-source games to fit their preferences. The gamers can implement their original ideas into the existing game and build on the developer’s idea instead of making a game from scratch.

Open Source Card Games Software

We have handpicked card game softwares that is open-source. Our selection criteria gave preference to cross-platform card games. Without further ado, let us look at the best open-source card game softwares available in 2022.


PokerTH is written in C++ language and is an open-source implementation of Texas Hold’em Poker. Texas Hold’em is the most popular variant of poker and is played in online casinos worldwide. The game requires a fair deal of strategy and planning to ace. This platform lets you practice and plays Texas Hold’em with your friends and other players for fun.

The rules to play Texas Holdem are fairly easy and quite similar to traditional Poker.

  • Two cards are dealt to each player.
  • Five cards are put face up on the table which is shared by all the players
  • Players have to make a final hand with the two cards in their hands and the table
  • The winner is decided by whoever has the best hand.

Features of PokerTH software

  • Up to 7 players
  • Spectators in-game
  • Rejoin the game in case of an internet issue.
  • Tooltip and Ranking system
  • Lobby Chat
  • Cross-platform support
  • Network Play
  • Internet Play


LSKat, also known as Lieutenant Skat is a fun and engaging card game for two players. The game can be played in multiplayer mode or against the CPU. Half of the cards are face up and half are kept face down. Both opponents can see each other’s cards.

Players start the game by playing from one of their face-up cards, and the other player does the same. The objective of the game is to achieve 60 points in total. After all 16 turns are played out, points are calculated and the player with the highest points wins the game.


PySolFC is an open-source platform with over 1,000 solitaire titles. Many of the games use the traditional 52-card deck. Some games use the 78-tarot card deck and many other variants. It includes a modern look and feel, multiple card sets, and a tabular background. It also features an unlimited undo button which means you can undo your plays as many times as you want. To make the game easier for newer players, it also has a hint system, a solitaire wizard, and player statistics.

The open-source platform was developed using the Python language. It is a feature-packed platform that provides great accessibility. Features include-

  • Multiple card sets and tableau backgrounds.
  • Sound.
  • Unlimited undo.
  • Player statistics.
  • Hint system.
  • Demo games.
  • Solitaire wizard.
  • Support for user-written plug-ins.
  • Integrated HTML help browser.

Argentum Age

It is an open-source online fantasy collectable card game with tactical positioning. Argentum Age focuses on skill rather than chance. It features minimal In-app purchases and a single-player campaign mode as well as a multiplayer option.

The only way to level up in the game is to play the game and increase your skill set. It is an open-source card game and the open beta version is playable. The developers allow the users to take participation in the development process to further polish the game features.

Features of Argentum Age

  • Single-player campaign mode with storyline and quests
  • Online multiplayer compatibility to play with friends.
  • Tactical gameplay where creatures are summoned using cards and spells are used to influence the gameplay
  • More than 200 cards with more being added with further updates
  • Creative card designs
  • Flexible engine, suitable for making other card games.
  • Cross-platform compatibility, available on Windows, MacOS, and Linux


Open Source card game software is generally available on different platforms. These games are free-to-play and provide an option for the gamer to modify the game according to their will. Open-source card games are typically created by indie developers who have allowed the general public to tweak their games according to their will.

Open-source card game development is carried out by developers and the game is rolled out to the public in the beta phase of development.

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