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Why Mobile App Development is Important for Every Business

One of the success secrets of any business is a continuous study of consumers’ behavior. Quantitative research, as well as simple observations, reveal valuable insights for the firm.

For instance, a glance look at the customers shows that they are literally glued to their mobile devices. Everything that matters to them is somehow kept in their smartphones. We can say that the whole their life is concentrated there. Therefore, it’s no exaggeration to say that the place of any business in customers’ lives depends on whether there is a place for application on their smartphones.

Here are some numbers that explain why mobile app development is important. According to Gartner research, in the year 2009, an amount of worldwide mobile app downloads was at the mark of 2.52 billion. It is predicted that in 2017 this number will reach about 268.69 billion.

Mobile applications for business open up new opportunities that can bring a lot of benefits. One of the leading app development companies TheAppSolutions explains all of them:

1. It gives advantages over competitors

This advantage is even greater if competitors don’t have their app yet. The app shows consumers how progressive, innovative, and trendy the business is. Everybody wants to be a leader.

2. Mobile app is an additional channel for the promotion and communication

Think of the application as a billboard, but with a fresh User Interface/Experience (UI/UX), fancy design and ability to be in touch at any time in any place. All new arrivals and special offers are now at the distance of a single Push Notification.

Also, an app for the business brings a customer support to a new level. Any brand can receive orders and provide customer support or technical assistance literally 24/7.

3. It helps to collect data and understand customers better

Once an application gets to users’ phones, the app owner gets access to vast amounts of information. The more information is being gathered, the more precisely the portrait of every single customer. Finally, marketing dreams can come true!

4. It is all about loyalty

Almost every business for sure has a loyalty program. What is it? It is likely a paper card with cute stamps that gives a gift after tenth purchase. Or maybe it’s a good-quality plastic card, on which proudly embossed “Customer #654732, 10% discount”. But can you imagine, how many times do the clients have forgotten those little cards at home or in another bag? We bet that they rarely forget their smartphones. Everyone is going to like the loyalty program that is built in the app.

5. It helps to reach bigger audience

Some people receive information from their computers. But for those who always prefer being on the go, a mobile application gives a customer an only chance to communicate with a brand. This is a primary concern reaching the younger generation of so-called millennials.

6. It opens new marketing opportunities

Using an app as a promotional channel gives new capabilities to create something cool with your product or service. For instance, bringing a gamification mechanics and completely change use cases of customers: it makes them funnier, easier and more involving than ever before.

However, having an app for your business is not the only option you have. Any company that is involved in app development business also provides a chat bot app development that sometimes can be even more appropriate for some businesses. Users spend 80% of their online time in their messenger and being there with an open dialog is also an opportunity that worth efforts.

Anyway, technologies are moving the world forward, and every business should keep up with them. An app for business helps to scale it, create new channels and sometimes even launches new directions. Bring the business closer to the customers!

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