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Meeting Millennials’ Fitness Needs

You’ve probably noticed a growing trend where our friends post progress photos from the gym (or after a workout) from day 1 to day n.  If it’s not a photo, it’s a video snippet of their workout, may it be weightlifting, boxing or barre. Not a day goes by where we don’t see them huffing, puffing and sweating away on our screens.

Weren’t we the same high school kids who complained about running the mile weekly, or reveled in waking up past noon on weekends? Where did this abrupt obsession to look extremely muscular, or “swole”, and athleticism come from? How did we suddenly become America’s most active generation?

Stats and Squats

According to statistics from the Nielsen Consumer Exercise Trends Survey81 percent of millennials exercise or would like to, compared to 61 percent of boomers.  Meanwhile, female millennials are more likely to be doing fitness activities, outnumbering men five to one. 27 percent embrace the active lifestyle for long-term well-being, while 37 percent simply do it to maintain shape, lose weight or tone up.

This makes us twenty-somethings the most health conscious generation.

Bribe Her with Fiber

Millennials are among the busiest bunch; hence, the inclination for more instant, convenient, yet healthy alternatives, especially during mealtimes.

We’ve become so conscious about our outer appearance as well as what goes in our bodies. Prepped meals have advanced to simpler yet more sumptuous options. They are no longer limited to just baked chicken and bland steamed veggies.

Gen Y babies are definitely more willing to pay more for quality health foods. According to Natural Products Insider, the amount of “organic” food in the grocery store has experienced a huge upsurge in recent years.

Some are even making businesses out of it, offering free delivery for weekly prepped meal orders. Farm-to-table restaurants, organic grocery shops, fresh and pressed juice and shake stands and healthy kitchens are also growing establishments.

Aside from a healthy diet, some millennials are also incorporating nutritional supplements, body wraps and ankle weights into their schedule to help lose weight faster.

Athletic Aesthetics

Millennials are known for being multitaskers, fast-paced, pioneers and trendsetters, but are also the first to get bored and move on to newer movements. Our fashion trends evolve just as frequently as Kylie K releases new cosmetic products.

Athletic industry brands such as Nike, Adidas, Underarmour, etc. have stepped up their game by producing gear and clothing that cater to our preferences and tastes. It has been dubbed as the “athleisure” trend and looks like it won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.

“…it’s much more than a fashion fad it’s about wearing what is functional, practical and allows them to fit in as much healthy activity as they can” shares CEO of Stylerunner, a leading active wear e-retailer, Julie Stevanja.

#OOTDs now include workout ensembles.

Crunch Time

If it weren’t for social media, would millennials still sweat out as hard? Technology is certainly here to stay and it’s being used for more than just publicizing your robust routine.

Those who simply do not have the luxury or means of maintaining a gym membership rely on apps and technological fitness advancements such as FitBit and Endomondo. Want to run for a cause? There’s Charity Miles for that.

Some incorporate fitness into their everyday lives by opting to walk short distances, choosing cycling over motorcycles and commuting, or climbing stairs rather than getting on escalators.

Fitness activities like Zumba, yoga, Ride Revolution (think indoor cycling, with EDM vibes) and interactive gyms that feel and function like an arcade make those early wakeup calls to the gym worth it.

Technology has become a stimulus rather than an excuse to stay idle.

The Real Drill

If a millennial could get away with being active outside the fitness center, they would. We are, after all, the generation who’s always on the go. Exercising has developed into a social event where “fun and challenging” is more appealing than “calm and relaxing”.

An annual report by Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association reveals that millennials are more likely to partake in a physical activity that values togetherness more than the competition.

Events like Tough MudderColor Run, and Spartan Race have participants by the thousands. Why run on the treadmill for an hour when you can muddle through a muddy obstacle course with friends?

Is your partner a fitness buff too? Book those hiking, bungee jumping, biking and marathon dates. Talk about the ultimate trust activity.

Regular Regimen

Terms such as “too tired”, “busy” or “unmotivated” are no longer existent in a millennial’s vocabulary. Gen Y people are so motivated that 82 percent of gym members continue exercising at home regularly.

Nobody finds joy in sweating and soreness like millennials do. I wouldn’t be surprised of some of them ended up being professionals at something they started as a hobby and a habit.  There’s no better sensation than seeing our reflection and loving how we feel and what we see.

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Ayah Granada is currently a content writer and editor for She is a former student journalist, part time bibliophile and TV series hoarder-slash-enthusiast. You can also find her on Twitter @ayahgranada.

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