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Is Marble the Right Choice for Your Kitchen Worktop?

Everyone knows that marble is one of the most classic and timeless natural stones out there, and for that reason alone, many people choose to incorporate it into their home, usually in bathrooms or kitchens. To give a truly luxurious and classic appearance to whatever room you go for, marble is a fast track way to do it. Of course, when it comes to kitchen worktops, you need your stone to be durable and pretty at the same time, and that is something which marble can certainly give you on both counts.

If you don’t really know too much about marble, it’s certainly worth doing a little researching, to decide whether this is the correct stone choice for your kitchen worktop. There are many upsides to choosing marble, but there are also a few downsides too, and you need to be informed about both sides before making a decision and spending a large amount of money at the same time.

If you’re a little undecided, let’s check out the pros and cons of choosing marble, and see how you feel about it at the end.

The pros of marble

Beauty – There is no denying that marble is naturally beautiful, making it an elegant and classic choice. There are many choices of colours and patterns on offer, including white, black, yellow, green, grey, and rose shades, all with their own natural vein running through the slab, which makes this a very popular choice.

Resistant to heat – Marble is a cool stone naturally, which has a couple of upsides in itself. Bakers will enjoy the cool temperature, ideal for creating delicious treats, whilst this also makes it very resistant to heat too.

Low cost – If you go for a rare stone then yes, you’re going to pay more, but if you go for something a little more mainstream then you will be surprised at how low the cost can be. Shopping around is the way forward, and then comparing the quotes you are given. Make sure cost includes high-quality installation too.

Surprisingly low maintenance – The myth is that marble is fragile and takes a lot of looking after, but provided you keep up on cleaning and looking after your work surface routinely, then marble is a durable and low maintenance choice. Simply wipe up any spills when they happen and make sure the surface is sealed regularly to avoid staining and breakages.

The cons of marble

Marble can scratch – Marble is a little softer than some of the other options on the market, and that means that it can occasionally scratch. You can get around this by avoiding using sharp knives or other sharp objects without protecting the surface first. Buy chopping boards and scratch resistant glass plates for chopping, and if you can buy decorative versions of these to go on your work surface, you are keeping the attractive appearance going.


Open to staining – Marble is porous so it can stain and absorb liquids. Make sure you mop up any spillages when they happen and be very careful with any acidic liquids, such as red wine, for example.

Will need regular maintenance – We mentioned that marble is low maintenance, and whilst on a daily basis that is true, your work surface will need the odd bit of work as time goes by. This could mean you need to be extra cautious with spillages, as we mentioned, and use chopping boards in order to protect your surface.

As you can see, there are more pros than cons, which may come as a surprise. Whilst marble is a little softer than other stones, such as quartz or granite, it has that major advantage of being literally sophisticated, timeless, classy, and elegant, and if you are all about the appearance of your kitchen, that alone should sell it for you. Of course, you need your work surface to stand the test of time also, and marble is surprisingly durable, provided it is looked after well.

Shop around for the best price when it comes to purchasing marble worktops and be sure to check testimonials of the manufacturer before you decide to go ahead.

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