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Live Blogging and challenges: How to come out with flying colors?

Live blogging, the real time sharing of information, is a tool to indulge in elevated audience experience. A live blog can provide coverage to an ongoing event, working similar like live radio, and is emerging as a popular trend in trade shows, community events, PTAs, meetings, etc.

Live blogging has come into play since mid 2000s, when it was increasingly used by news organizations and blogging establishments. It entails effective techniques to theoretically maximize your work efficiency. However, careful application is required to ensure optimum outcomes.

The promising technique behind live blogging

Live blogging opens a host of opportunities and better exposure to events and people. Live blogging provides many benefits which go beyond an interactive session with the audience. With live blogging, first hand information can be reported accurately which mainstream media outlets may be unable to do. A promising source of income, live blogging can enable you to additionally blog content.

However, the live blogging format is not free of controversy owing to its departure from the traditional journalism methods. Live blogging is not yet extensively considered a regular section-specific feature for many online news services. Blogging on the fly can be one of the hardest things to do correctly. Incorrect strategies can downturn potentially rewarding plans.

Ideas to help emerge successfully

When implemented properly, live blogging can serve an extremely valuable resource to your audience (or reader). But if it is done poorly, the blog posts can likely emerge worthless and can even be annoying.

Preparation before the actual event

Preparation for live blogging is equally important as the event itself. Do elaborate research before the event occurs and find out what else is being written about the event. It is helpful to make a list of people (or web sites) which promote the event.

Internet accessibility is another important consideration. Tech bloggers may find it easy but the non-tech bloggers may find it an issue. Verify from the event’s source (like website) for internet accessibility. Ensure whether it is free or paid, and whether any formality is needed ahead of time. You would better go completely prepared than hang around in suspense.

Know your presentation

The right presentation can make ordinary events extraordinary. Provide an insight to the audience about your event.

Showcasing all is not obliging, especially events behind the scenes. Your explicit approval should be restricted to others. You may even censor someone to create individuality. Judge whether you wish to live blog everything or not. Watch out the event’s schedule to ascertain which parts can attract audience (or readers) and forgo the remaining.

Incorporate details which the audience would not find while watching Television or when they did not attend the event. Think before presenting your content. Write many posts which can be informative yet unique.

Implement worthy tools

You need to make your recap of the event unique to enable it stand out. You may not always be lucky to exclusively write about an event. If more people are providing coverage, you need to put in extra efforts to make your work commendable.

A photo, video or an interview can work as an asset. There are many effective live blogging programs like Word Press Live Blogging Plug-in and G-Snap. You can implement an appropriate one based on your needs.

Use tools which are not bothering for those near you. This can be anything from using multiple chairs to using a phone or tablet instead of a full-size laptop. Hone your typing skills. Even if you do not see everything, you can reproduce just by listening.

End it well

Complement all your efforts by ending it in the correct manner. Act fast and submit your content timely to allow interested parties read about the event just after it finishes. Publish your post before other bloggers. This will facilitate others to find your content and link to it (and avoid editing to link).

Live blogging goes beyond tweeting and can be fun, providing a valuable resource to your readers. However, it is not free of pitfalls. It is important to understand that everything is not meant to be on a live blog. Know your limitations when live blogging and equip yourself with the right tools to emerge victoriously.

About the auhtor: Alyssa Clarke is a freelance blogger who is passionate about writing. She frequently writes on SEO, marketing and social media related topics. Her favorite sites are Automotto and Bornrich, which she also happens to work for. She is a social media addict and can be actively found on twitter @alyssagclarke.

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  1. Thomas flyttefirma

    May 21, 2012 at 7:24 am

    I have a news blog on our moving firm website and i can use a lot of this to improve our site and i must say your blog system is one of the best i ever see, love the twitter and the real photo feature, makes everything just a little better… Once again great work!

  2. Timothy

    May 21, 2012 at 10:32 am

    A nice post on live blogging. I am planning one later this year and I will make sure to consider the ideas in this article.

  3. rahul

    May 21, 2012 at 12:36 pm

    Nice! article tools , presentation, and Seo is very important.

  4. Brain

    May 24, 2012 at 6:59 am

    Every blogger know about basic concept of blog. They always try to make as possible as effective blog using unique content, impressive blog design and many more tricks. Live blogging is technique to easy connect with blog readers. Thanks for your advance details of successful blogging.

  5. Workers Comp

    May 25, 2012 at 3:17 am

    And every blogger knows the concept of SEO. In order for your live blogging to succeed, you should practice Internet marketing. Keeping those aside, you have plotted everything in Live blogging and It is really a good concept of socializing to your followers and avid readers. Thanks for this very interesting article!

  6. Jeremy

    July 6, 2012 at 2:28 pm

    Live blogging is a thing which most of the audiences are always looking forward for. And it is the same reason why the microblogging are so popular these days.

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