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LayerOnline Review: A Fantastic Cloud Hosting Servicewith A Competitive Edge In Current Markets

LayerOnline is one of the best cloud web hosting solutions currently available in the market, offering terrific performance as a high quality SSD web hosting service across the world. This premier web hosting firm offers the most reliable, fast, high performance, and secure web hosting services at reasonable prices.

With its headquarters located in Toronto, LayerOnline caters to the global market, including US, UK, Australia, India, Philippines, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

Out of the several advanced hosting technologies that they offer, the most prominent ones are SSD storage, CloudLinux, AnyCast DNS, RAID, private hosting environment, Nginx/Apache hybrid engine, typo-proof domain registration, real-time DDOS protection, and more. Their hosting is optimized for the leading scripts like Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, VBulletin, B2Evolution, and phpBB.

Why Choose LayerOnline?

If you are looking for reasons to choose LayerOnline over other cloud hosting providers or wondering what makes them different, here’s what you can benefit from as a LayerOnline customer:

  • 24/7 professional  customersupport
  • Quick Page Load Time for Lowest CPC and Highest SEO/SERP Ranking
  • 100% uptime guarantee
  • 70+ personalized domain extensions
  • Anti-Spam and malware protection
  • Unlimited bandwidth and space
  • Free domain typo protection
  • Cloud hosting, CloudLinux, CloudFlare, private hosting environment, SSD hosting
  • Free website transfer, Free website builder, Free templates
  • Traffic surge safety
  • Cloud email hosting
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

On top of all these, there’€™s a 30-day free trial offer with the code free trial that lets users try the service before actually availing it. What makes LayerOnline even more enticing is the 50% discount offer that customers can avail with the custom promo code- LAYER50OFF, while getting to enjoy all the benefits of this cloud hosting solution.

High-Performance Cloud Solutions

Before availing any hosting service, the first thing that every customer would look for is undoubtedly the performance of the potential solution. LayerOnline’s cloud hosting platform has the ability to handle huge amounts of traffic without any hurdles.

Websites can load at lightning past speeds, thanks to their optimized web engine. This increase in reliability and speed directly has a positive impact on your website by enhancing its SERP and SEO in addition to decreasing the CPC.

Highly Secure

All websites that seek LayerOnline hosting solutions are protected by their real-time request check, which obstructs spam injection, SQL injection, DDOS attacks, and other such illegal requests immediately, even if your website is susceptible. All accounts are shielded by 2-factor verification and security queries. All these safety measures protect your websites quietly in the environment.

Domain Services with 70+ TLDs

The vast collection of 70+ domain extensions gives customers plenty of free domain name options to select from and choose the best name. All of these are complete with theft protection, typo protection, whois privacy, free DNS management, AnyCast cloud nameservers, and more.

Always Striving Towards Customer Satisfaction and Excellence

LayerOnline has always put its customers’ priorities first and has been providing the best in the technology of web hosting, be it website hosting, domain registration or SSL certificates. The pricing is also one of the most reasonable in the hosting market with splendid discounts and trial offers to benefit from.

Many hosting experts from across the globe recommend this service provider as the top choice for the unparalleled services that they provide. So, get set to win the competitive edge for your website with LayerOnline’€™s exclusive cloud hosting solutions.

Parkeris the Web hosting guide of’s Industry & Trade Channel, and he recommends the cloud hosting solutions of LayerOnline. Follow him on Twitter, connect over Facebook or leave a comment below.

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