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Kenworth W900: Cutting-edge technology & amp; classic styling combined

Truckers often look for unique features & robust build quality when it comes to purchasing a heavy-duty rig for long haul assignments. How about the look and style, do they really matter at all? Of course, who would want to drive an ugly vehicle across the continent? For those that are looking for such a combination, the Kenworth W900 is the only choice. This rig fits into the class of heavy-duty trucks & offers a wide array of features. Continue reading to discover more about the Kenworth w900 studio sleeper and consider what exactly makes this truck stand out from the competition.

Classy looks and styling

The first thing people notice about the Kenworth w900 studio sleeper is how refined and sophisticated it looks. It’s easily recognized by onlookers and drivers usually enjoy the admiration.  With over seven feet of headroom, a flush walk-through sleeper sill and a space-conserving design, this cab doubles the living area compared to other floor plans.

Available in Diamond padded or Splendor interior upholsteries, they offer a soft, durable, and low-gloss finish that some may recognize from being in the finest of luxury cars. The studio sleeper in the W900 includes tinted picture windows, skylights and vented upper side windows that can fill the interior with natural light. To fully customize the rig, buyers can select what powertrain, paint scheme, upholstery, & comfort or entertainment options best suit their needs. These options include a TV mounting package, storage cabinets, under-bunk drawers, a liftable lower bunk, & a large capacity front-loading fridge/freezer.

Powerful performance and ergonomics

Looking at the interior is just the beginning. Kenworth’s PACCAR engines provide efficient and powerful performance. Kenworth’s high-performance HVAC system with its motor mounted on the firewall minimizes cab noise. The flatter toeboard angle and suspended throttle and clutch pedals help to reduce leg strain. Getting in and out of the cab can be a strenuous process, especially when the driver has to enter & exit often during a long haul. The cab has been designed with such situations in mind. With large wide-opening doors, ergonomically positioned traction-grip steps and generous grab handles, getting in and out has never been easier. There’s an easy to reach cup holder near the dashboard, and the centre console now features two 12-volt outlets for charging any of your devices.

Bottom line

Having Kenworth’s traditional long-nose styling coupled with one of the industry’s most spacious off-duty environments, the Kenworth w900 studio sleeper really becomes a no-brainer.  The sleeper itself is built to go the distance, with fibreglass & aluminium fused in a Huck-bolted design, providing a low-maintenance, weather-tight construction. The engine sits high in the frame and totally ahead of the cab for complete access. Check fluid levels and change fuel, oil & water filters easily while standing on the ground. Easy-to-fix design features like these can help to save a considerable amount of labour time & money. The ability to fully customize this rig is the most alluring aspect to drivers & owners alike.

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