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Keeping Technology Hardware Items Secure While Traveling

If you’re traveling long distance out of Orlando, it’s likely you’re going to take along your laptop, smartphone and other technology hardware items. It’s important to protect these hardware items while traveling. Here are some options available to you for keeping these items safe and secure.


1. Carry-on luggage

Technology hardware items can’t be kept inside your wallet. Keeping them in a carry-on luggage will allow you to keep in contact. The carry-on luggage stays with you regardless of the mode of travel. You can even use carry-on instead of your pillow if traveling on a train. This will ensure that the fragile hardware doesn’t get damaged and reduce their chances of being stolen.

2. Out of plain view

If you’re traveling by road, you should avoid traveling in a hatchback car as the trunks are located at the front of the vehicle and can be accessed easily. Delicate expensive hardware items may tempt a potential thief to break in if they’re placed in plain view. Your best choice would be to keep them out of sight. Keeping hardware technology items out of plain view is the best chance to prevent potential theft.

3. Use TSA approved locks

If there is no space in your carry-on luggage, you may put expensive hardware in your checked luggage and secure it with TSA approved locks. These locks have a universal key, which can be used by TSA to check the bags. Other locks can be cut off.

If the quantity is too large to carry, you may want to leave some behind. However, keeping these items at home may not be safe, so you can keep them at the place of your relatives, or at the place of your friend who you trust. You also have the option of storage units in Orlando, FL or other cities in the area.

Apart from securing the hardware, here are some additional tips you can follow.


1. Carry yourself

Someone may offer you help if you’re traveling by train or bus. You should be careful at this point, particularly if you have the hardware inside the luggage. It’s best to carry the luggage with expensive hardware yourself. You don’t want to chase someone on a long journey.

2. Beware of scammers

Scammers can be in a group consisting of 2-3 people. There are cases where scammers tricked travelers and then ran away with their expensive valuables. Someone may try to make a conversation with you, hoping that your mind is diverted from your luggage and the partner can run away with the luggage before you know what’s happening. You should be aware of such people.

3. Stay aware

Keep alert of your surroundings. If someone looks suspicious, walk by quietly and keep an eye on your luggage. A transit is where you should be the most aware. If you kept the ticket in your bag, put the luggage with the expensive hardware between the middle of your legs before you bend down to take it out.

These tips will reduce the chances of your technology hardware items of being stolen or getting damaged.

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