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JetOctopus Content Audit Tool: A Detailed Review

If you wish to conduct comprehensive website audits for optimal site performance, JetOctopus is a tool definitely worth checking out.

Today, when the market is flooded with countless website audit tools, there are a mere few which stand out with advanced features and benefits. And in our endeavor to evaluate the best ones, we had our fair share of fun with one in particular — JetOctopus.

JetOctopus is not just any ordinary website crawler, it offers several powerful features that make it one of the foremost names in the analytics software market. In this post, let’s conduct a detailed review of this tool to learn everything it has to offer.

Introduction To JetOctopus

Advertising itself as a SaaS Crawler and a Logs Analyzer, JetOctopus is much more than that. It is a complete content and SEO audit toolkit that helps ensure your website metrics are in line with your goals and you’re on top of any technical SEO problems popping up.


With its top-down approach, it first serves you with the bigger picture of what is wrong with your site and subsequently focuses on each issue that is contributing to the problem.

You can choose what mess you want to clear first and it’ll further give you a list of filters and corresponding URLs for easy analysis. Ultimately, you get a live logs stream that lets you observe the changes made and results in real-time.

Key Features Of JetOctopus

While the tool offers many features, we are going to focus on the most important ones here, which include the following.

Data Filtration

As aforementioned, this tool follows a top-down approach. All the issues are listed by category and you can prioritize which problem you wish to work out first along with which page you want to correct underneath that head.

With over 150 filters available at your disposal, it’s easy to filter your data and be more efficient. You can even create an entirely new list based on which pages you wish to deal with first followed by the URLs of other pages.

Crawl Data Visualization

JetOctopus connects easily with Google Search Console. This enables you to not just track the different changes and their results on the site’s performance, but also to view the crawl data of each section separately.

This display can be seen not just in the form of long tables, but also in a much simpler, chart or graph presentation style. It makes understanding each element and how they affect the website individually much easier, which in turn can help you plan future strategies quicker.

And the best part? The data gets restored every few seconds, thus completely eliminating the need to recrawl those pages anytime soon.

Link Explorer

Exploring both the inbound and outbound links pertaining to any website or the internal linking structure of your own gives you an accurate indication of any broken links, unsuccessful redirects, or URLs blocked by Robots.txt tags.


A proper balance between inbound and outbound links is essential to a site’s good ranking and performance, and this software can help you maintain that balance nicely.

Comprehensive Log Report

A log file is basically a register for tracking which bots from the various search engines have accessed your webpage and how they behaved during that period. For instance, what pages were crawled by them, what overlaps occurred in each piece of crawled information, and what bots caused issues, etc.

In layperson terms, you have the ability to view your site exactly the way a search engine does.


A detailed analysis of this report is of vital importance as it can guide you towards what actions should be taken to tackle certain problems, which bots should be blocked from the website, or which ones should be restricted to only a handful of pages, and so on.

This information is highly valuable for any enterprise to maintain optimal site performance. Simultaneously, the SEO and content-based insights you gain can also prove to be extremely helpful in carrying out content audits.

Crawl Comparison

Comparisons are not always for the better but when it comes to tracking your website’s performance over a specific period of time, it is definitely a huge help. The Crawl Comparison feature of this tool comes to your rescue here.

With it, you can easily compare two crawls from the beginning and end of the time duration you wish to analyze and draw up the differences between them, thus understanding the improvement or deterioration they experienced and the reasons behind it. This gives you an insight into what works for your site so that you may plan future approaches accordingly.


Key Benefits Of JetOctopus

With the key features of JetOctopus clear, here are some key benefits of the tool we deduced in our review.

Clean Interface

Despite the fact that the interface of JetOctopus is packed with useful information, it’s all organized neatly and the tool is user-friendly. You don’t need experience or training to quickly make the most of this tool.

The dashboard neatly displays the important segments that you might want to explore alongside a side menu that includes a whole slew of filters and options for you to use. With a clearly defined layout and easy navigation, it is an extremely intuitive tool to use.

High Crawl Speed

A crawler’s primary functions are to go through all the nooks and crannies of your website and identify all the points that may be causing crawling issues with the search engines, like metadata or indexing issues.

JetOctopus does this efficiently. Being a cloud-based crawler, it has a very high crawl speed. This is because it doesn’t use any of your computer’s internal storage or even the power. It can read up to 250 pages per second which is almost equivalent to 50,000 pages in a 5-minute time frame.

Insight Section

When trying to assess an entire site’s performance, noting down every issue that comes up along with details like which pages are being affected, and the extent of harm to the website’s overall reputation and ranking is a tall order.

By stepping in at this crucial junction, JetOctopus provides invaluable support through its comprehensive record of all problems and their in-depth analysis. These analytics offer actionable insights to improve your pages.

Easy Content Analysis

As touched upon earlier, the tool has an exhaustive list of filters. This makes content inspection throughout the multiple pages of a website super easy.

Using these refiners, you can sort out the pages with duplicate or thin content (less than 500 words), along with the ones having heavy pictures or videos that need optimizing.

Great Support Services

Support is often necessary when you’re starting to use a new enterprise tool, and even after months of usage. JetOctopus proves itself to be a thorough customer-centric application with responsive (get answers within 24 hours) live chat.

Transcribed emails of each chat and notification are also provided for your ease.

Limitless Working

Unlike other software, JetOctopus lets you work on countless projects. Simultaneously, the Log Analyzer feature also lets you crawl sites without any limits — as unlimited log lines can be registered.

There are no limits as to the number of integrations, and you can use Google Analytics right alongside Moz and other Webmaster Tools. Also, there are no limits on the number of users or data export.

Affordable Pricing

With some of the most affordable cost packages available for subscription, JetOctopus is an extremely cost-effective tool. You can give the tool a spin with a 7-day free trial to see if it meets your business’s requirements.


The Final Call

In the end, we conclude that this is an excellent tool for all your web audit needs, especially when it comes to Content and technical SEO. JetOctopus ticks all the right boxes and has proven to be a necessary arrow in our quiver. We are positive it can work wonders for you too.

So if you wish to conduct comprehensive website audits for optimal site performance, JetOctopus is a tool definitely worth checking out.

Written By

Gaurav Belani is a senior SEO and content marketing analyst at Growfusely, a content marketing agency specializing in content and data-driven SEO. He has more than seven years of experience in digital marketing and loves to share his thoughts in publications like Business 2 Community, IEEE Computer Society, E27, Innovation Enterprise, and Addicted 2 Success to name a few. In his spare time, he enjoys watching movies and listening to music. Connect with him on Linkedinand Twitter @belanigaurav

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Arturo Duran

    August 11, 2021 at 3:33 pm

    Anything that can crawl the web, sure it deserves to be called Octopus. But this JetOctopus is all about crawling what really matters: your site’s content and technical SEO issues. The crawler takes in everything on a website, knows what needs fixing and how quickly to do it with both global or individual relevance based on your priorities. It then evaluates any technical SEO problems through the lens of modern best practices so you never miss a trick. It’s time for your webmaster to make friends with our octo-tool!

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