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Is Stem Cell Therapy Cost-Effective?

The human body has an inborn ability to repair itself. Self-healing is a natural process that occurs when new cells replace old ones that are worn out.  Using stem cells to stimulate this process is an easy way to alleviate many severe health conditions.  This is a treatment that is done under complete supervision by expert clinicians. It is a new and evolving branch of medicine that has a bright future.  Since the process of injecting stem cells requires qualified specialists, sometimes stem cell therapy cost can seem a bit expensive. However, it provides a long-lasting solution that doesn’t need to be repeated very often. All things considered, in the long-term, it is quite cost-effective.

How to evaluate the cost

This therapy has been around for decades, but still many people are hearing about it for the first time. This indicates that many are unfamiliar with the efficacy and possible outcomes of the treatment.  Unless their insurance covers the costs, people may hesitate to spend money on this procedure. However, many patients are fighting long-term chronic illnesses and are often forced to constantly spend money on medications and procedures. When they have so many medical expenses to deal with, it is not an easy situation for them. Comparing these costs of medical bills over the years, and the stem cell therapy cost, the latter would seem cheaper as you would not be repeatedly spending over and over again for numerous pain relieving treatments. It is also worth noting that most insurance companies do not cover stem cell therapy. So the possibility of paying too much can scare away many potential patients.

What is the price range?

Another reason why the price of stem cell therapy can be unclear is that the cost of the procedure is not mentioned on the clinic’s websites. The cost can range anywhere from $15K to $17K. However, any travel expenses and other expenditures are not included. This is for cultured stem cell treatments, where the cells are not extracted immediately, and they are cultivated. When it comes to adipose and bone marrow stem cell therapy, the stem cell therapy cost can vary between $5K and $10K. PRP treatments that are popular among athletes can cost around $3K. The stem cell therapy cost might seem quite high. But once you understand the concept of this procedure, you will want to give it some thought. You need to decide based on the results that it can bring. First, find out how long the conservative treatments might take, and whether you a candidate for stem cell therapy. Then research possible financing options. Some clinics are in-network with most major insurance carriers. This means that the cost of the treatment can be partially covered by healthcare plans. Surgery will cost a lot of money as well, but the recovery period is going to be much longer. On the other hand, stem cell therapy is an alternative to surgery that can bring better long-term results.

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