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Is Gojek Clone A Successful Business Model?

Arguments for and against having a single app for multiple services. This blog identifies the difference between specialty apps and apps that cater to all service providers. It tries to highlight which one is the best choice for the users.

The Gojek application has been quite the talk of the town since the last few years. Initially, it might not have been very popular because it started small. Just as a ride-hailing and a delivery service provider app. Over the course of time it evolved in many directions and today it has taken the shape of one of the biggest multiple service provider apps in the Indonesian market.

Gojek has already proved to be a very successful business model in the South East Asian Market as compared to the Silicon Valley production of Uber. This is primarily because the foundation of any business is not that you want to sell but what your customer wants to buy.

Anyone can have an idea but to make it into a commercially viable business reality, one has to be absolutely certain that there is a need for it in the place that you are planning to launch the business. The reason why Gojek could bully Uber into submission in this part of the world was that Uber’s focus was cabs only, whereas Gojek laid more emphasis on the use of Scooters or Ojeks.

Understanding the needs of regions like Bali, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, etc. is a big part of developing a business for here. Once you can understand the hunger of a person, you can feed him. The marketplace is pretty much the same thing. If you understand what the demand is, supplying becomes a lot easier. Gojek very wisely played a mediator between the already existing Ojek services and made it more organized. It helped the User as well as the Gojek Drivers.


An expansion is a sign of a company’s profitability. The fact that Gojek too expanded into many facets of the realm of Service Providers is a clear indication of its hunger for growth. So, what started off as a little organizational assistance for existing Ojek drivers today has taken a completely different form. Gojek now is an app that is meant to cater to every single need of a person.

At this point comparing it with single service providers or a taxi-hailing app like Uber is absolutely useless. They have now turned into two different kinds of businesses thereby eliminating the “compare with the same stick” rule.

So, what do people prefer?

As mentioned before, it is all about the customer in the end. What do they really want? Are you helping them by offering your product and services or are you making their life more difficult? What Gojek has done by introducing this app is that they have decluttered their user’s phone. As much as users like using apps for all their needs, they probably don’t like using different apps for their various requirements.

People would much rather log into an app and get all their needs sorted, rather than log into various different kinds of apps and register again and again. It’s also more secure from the user’s point of view to put in their payment details only at one place. If every app requires for them to put in their card details, it is that many times and those many parties that they are exposing their personal payment information to.

Specific or Generic?

One common question that has been asked over and over again is that is it better to use specialized apps for your requirements or is a generic app just as good?  What this means is that will a user find it easier and more comfortable to use an app that is specifically made for one purpose. For example, will a user prefer a Food delivery app like Uber Eats over an app like Gojek which has one service amongst its many services that looks at food delivery? The general consensus is that one app catering to many services seems like a logical conclusion.

Looking at Gojek Clone as your own business

Even though it has been very successful, Gojek as an app has been limited only to certain countries of the South East Asian pool. This leaves a huge market yet to be explored. As more and more people are looking to set up their business with new ideas using an application based platform, the Gojek Clone becomes a very lucrative option.

There are a few reputable companies that are making Gojek clone apps that can be launched under your own individual brand name. This means that with an initial investment into the app, you can successfully own and launch your own Gojek like a business. Since there are so many countries in the world that still don’t have such services the demand for this is pretty high.

As is the case for any business, some amount of research will be required from your end. However, the biggest advantage is that the Gojek Clone app is based on the pre-existing application used by Gojek which has been used by millions of people. It has been tried and tested which makes it almost flawless and foolproof.

In case you have been thinking of launching your own Gojek like a business, with the help of such an app, now may be the right time to do so. Being the first in the market has many perks. It reinforces your brand and gives you more credibility. Using the Gojek Clone app as your platform, you can be the next business mammoth in your own country like Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Bali etc.! 

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Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on-demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.

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