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International Betting: How to Bet Worldwide Safely

Sports betting nowadays has been made easier because you can do this anywhere you are as long you are connected to the internet. This is why even if you’re vacationing outside the country, you can still place your bets on your favorite local sports team or athlete.

The next few weeks will be exciting for many sports fans now that more and more leagues have announced their return. This means that punters will have plenty of options when it comes to the sports that they can wager on after scarcity on sports betting odds in the last few months because of the pandemic.

If you’re a sports punter yourself, you’re probably already preparing for the bets that you will place and are already looking for the best betting offers 2020. However, aside from the bets that you will place, there are still other things that you should consider as your safety.

Even if you can place your bets online and anywhere you are in the world, safety should always come first. Here are the tips that could help you determine whether you’re dealing with a safe and legit online bookie and how to make sure that your information is safe.

Check the payment options

The best way to deposit to your account will depend on your preference. You can easily use your credit or debit card on most online bookies. However, countries like the UK no longer allows the use of credit cards.

If you want to be sure and have your transactions more secure, you can use other payment methods like digital wallets. A few examples of this are PayPal, Neteller, and Skrill. These platforms also make sure that your transactions are protected and you can also file a complaint with them if in case you encounter any problems.

Another secure option that you have is the use of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Using cryptocurrencies is secure and private. You no longer have to disclose your banking information every time you transact with your crypto wallet. You don’t even need to disclose your personal information as well. You will only need a wallet address to be able to use this method.

Bookie is licensed and if bookie can offer its services to the country where you are

As a responsible gambler, you should have a checklist of what to look for in an online bookie and it’s always important that you check whether a bookie is licensed to take your bets.  Most of the licenses that online casinos carry is issued by the jurisdictions of Curacao, Malta, Gibraltar, or the United Kingdom. A licensed bookie or casino means that they have fulfilled the requirements of the jurisdiction to be allowed to operate.

However, even if a casino or bookie is licensed, you should still check if you are allowed to place a bet in the country you are in. For example, if you are in Australia then you won’t be allowed to place your bets even if a bookie is based offshore. In Australia, you can only place bets on specific sports events and gambling activities that are regulated by the government. This could mean that you won’t be able to place bets on your favorite sports events whether it’s football or cricket.

Meanwhile, if you’re in the US, sports betting is already federally legal. However, not all states are already allowed to have local operations of sports betting. Currently, the US already has over 20 states with legal sports betting. Some of these states are New Jersey, Nevada, Delaware, and Illinois. However, states like New York only allow in-person betting at the moment.

Make sure that the bookie site or app is encrypted

The security of a site and an app should also be checked. Encrypted sites are always better to transact with. To check if the site is encrypted, you can check the web address bar. The site should be using HTTPS instead of HTTP. If a site uses HTTPS, this means that it is secured with an SSL certificate which ensures that your information won’t be accessed by anyone else.

Make sure that you do your research when it comes to the reputation of the bookie as well. Know whether a bookie gives payouts timely or if there are other things that you should be aware about. There are many casino review sites that you can check for this.


If you’re away or outside the country where you can legally place your bets online, you can try to use a VPN. This would make a site trick that you are in a specific country. It’s also used by many to protect themselves and make sure that their transactions won’t be traced to them. However, know that there are online bookies that can detect the use of VPN and some of them don’t allow this.

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