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Increasing User Engagement to Your Ecommerce Site

A lot of companies have an e-commerce website. However, not many e-commerce websites are actually successful in turning a profit. According to Entrepreneur, over three-quarters of e-commerce start-ups fail.

If you want to succeed in such a harsh market, you need to create every advantage you can. One way to do so is by increasing the amount of user engagement your e-commerce website produces. This way you are more likely to convert visitors to your website into paying customers and retain them for the long-term. Here are some strategies you can use to do just that.

Run a Blog

The key to long-term user engagement is quality content. One way you can provide content that keeps users coming back, again and again, is by creating a blog. Make sure the blog posts content that is relevant to your company’s products or services but is also informative or entertaining enough to stand up on its own merits. Also, make sure the blog updates on a regular basis. One new post a day is a good bet for keeping readers coming back to you. If you are successful, you’ll be able to use the blog as a way to direct people to your products and inform them about new developments regarding the company over months or even years.

Integrate an App

These days, most people connect to the internet with their phones. According to statistics, mobile use now accounts for well over half of all internet traffic. Chances are the visitors to your website will be viewing it on a smartphone touch screen.

With that in mind, one way you can definitely increase user engagement is by offering a custom app. If an app provides value to the user, you could keep your customers far more engaged and better informed of your company and its products than would be the case without it. However, there are a lot of shovelware apps out there. Make sure you design something that can actually be of use. A good example is the Pizza Hut App.

Run a Podcast

Another great option you should consider for keeping users engaged is audio. A podcast can result in an internet user staying at a website for an hour or more. A podcast is like a radio show but transmitted over the internet. You can include interviews, original programming, music and more. You can even stream your podcast live and include direct interaction with your audience through a phone line.

There are a lot of possibilities. Overall, a podcast can be a clever way to keep customers coming back to your website, inform them of your products and keep them far more engaged than they would be otherwise. A good example is the Sporkful podcast that explores food products.

Localize Your Content

If your e-commerce website is targeting a specific geographic area, localizing your content can be a powerful way to greatly increase user engagement. If your business is Chicago-based, for example, you could cover Chicago news and discuss the Cubs or Bears in blog articles. A good example is Wrigleyville Sports, an e-commerce site that specializes in Chicago Bears merchandise.

Localizing your content can help increase user engagement. It can also do the job of attracting the specific demographic you are looking for. If your website is more generalized as opposed to localized, you may never attract significant traffic from the right locations.

Offer Rewards

Long term engagement also means rewarding your customers for their loyalty to your e-commerce site. Consider launching a rewards program. Halocigs, for example, offers a rewards program for repeat buyers on its halocigs e-juice page. Racking up enough halo points can mean receiving free products from the company like e juice.

Overall, user engagement is a very important part of creating customer loyalty. If you want long-term success as a company, high user engagement is a must. Consider different ways to keep users engaged with your e-commerce website.

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Dennis Hung is an entrepreneur and product analyst specializing in mobile technology and IoT. He’s spent most of his career consulting for businesses in North America.

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