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How Vine 2.5 Will Be A Game Changer For Brands

vine 2.5

There is no doubt that Twitter was right in making the decision to acquire Vine, back in the year 2012. Now this was even before the six seconds video-making app was released , i.e. in 2013. If you take a second to wonder why Vine gained so much attention from Twitter, it won’t even take you six seconds to get to the answer.

Twitter and Vine are very much alike. I am sure Twitter saw this as something close to their once called ‘micro-blogging’ platform. Counting since its initial release in 2013, two months are left before Vine turns two in the coming January, 2015 and this micro video app is getting shared like never before.

How To Shoot A Video With Vine?

Vine is a video recording app that lets you record almost anything with your iPhone. In addition, its simple, quick and easy to share.

  • You can hit the button and start recording anytime you want. Keep your finger on the screen to record. You may take off your finger from the screen when you feel like pausing. This can be done for stop-motion videos, where you want to change the location of your set.
  • Once you are done, it’s time to share the video among your friends. With this app, you can share your creativity in Facebook, Twitter and Vine. You can add a caption and hash-tags to your video.
  • If you want to explore other videos, you can look into the ‘Editors Choice’ and other popular videos.

It is easy to sign up on Vine. Simply sign in through Twitter or from your own email address. If you are looking forward to using this app for your brand promotion, then you are recommended to sign in using your Twitter account. You will also get to share using the Twitter function.

How Are Brands Using Vine?

Most brands are finding this social media app, a viable marketing tool. It is fast and easy and can be shared within seconds among your fans. Product demonstration, sharing a peak into behind-the-scenes footage and using signs, mostly hand drawn are recognized by most brands, as the ideal way to use Vine.

Brands Can Now Welcome V 2.5!

With limited features and available time, organizations have come out making the best use of this iPhone app for their brand. However, with the new 2.5 edition, you can now make your old videos little bit smarter.

Not only that, you can now, not only depend on your iPhone cam to record a video. Take it from your camera roll, edit the video using any editing software for iPhone and upload it to Vine. Like I said before, you can also import the old ones, which have already been recorded, using Vine before and improve it using the edit option.

Nevertheless, Vine still remains firm on its restriction to ‘six seconds’. So,…

  • You Don’t Have A Minute To Spare

This will be a challenge for marketers as within such a short time, brands need to brainstorm rapidly on how to fix their entire story within this limited time frame. However, that’s good I say, since it gives your followers and customers a scope to get to see your creative side. Creativity and Uniqueness are top head turners and with such a short time, its an added spur to your grey cells.

  • Use For Bridging Gaps Between Different Platforms

Vine is seen as a kind of bridge that helps to connect different platforms. You can use the app to stories that are already existing or created on some other medium or use it to react culturally to any relevant events. In this way, you can use Vine as a ‘wider aspect’ marketing tool that brings together different platforms.

  • Maintaining The Emotional Element Throughout

The only way of making a perfect video, is when you can maintain a balance between emotional and the logical elements and then framing them in a way calculated to produce a good response. What most of the marketers do, is that they begin their videos with the emotional elements and follows it up with the logical elements like features and usage stats. Sometimes, videos add another concluding emotional element, while the ‘call-to- action’ remains hidden in the subtext. This call-to-action becomes explicit in the part of the narrative.

When you are using Vine, you are required to maintain your emotional element from the beginning till the end. By maintaining the emotional element throughout, you can easily grab the viewer’s attention and lead them to some other channel, where they can easily discover your content at large.

If you are organizing some bigger campaign, Vine can serve as an introductory gateway to some other bigger video, which you have prepared on a higher budget.

  • Creating Shows That Does The Talk

People engage more with visuals than with audio. Vine gives you six seconds to create your brand video for free. With the ‘stop motion’ function, you also get to animate your products or change the scene of action as and when you require. Now that Vine 2.5 had arrived, you can easily use your original video cam and edit it to frame your six seconds requirement.

Some Points You Need To Remember

  • Hash-tags are there for a reason. It helps you to be found. That is why,when posting your videos, try adding a hash-tag along with a tag-line.
  • Vine videos are created for the purpose of promotion. So, before you think of creating a Vine, make sure you have created a community, where you want to share it.
  • With just six seconds in your hand, you need to make use of your right brain all the more. Try engaging in an educational or an informative video. You can combine them with the emotional element that will appeal your viewers. No one will be interested in watching your video, if it is not entertaining.
  • Vine was already recognized a strong social media video. However, with additional functionality and proper utilization Vine can turn into a game changer for your brand.

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Sudeep Banerjee is the Founder & President of B3NET Inc. a company of orange county web design & the leading Web Development firm from Orange County, California. He is an expert in Web & Mobile Development, Orange County SEO & Internet Marketing with 26 years of experience. Sudeep also loves to play golf & basketball.

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