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How to Save Money throughout your Degree

Do you plan to go to university? Perhaps you’re already there? Or maybe you’re set to graduate shortly?

Whichever stage you’re at, Higher Education can be hugely worthwhile. Very often, you don’t just gain a degree — you grow personally, too.

In addition to many skills gained, a particularly valuable one is financial management.

Luckily, it’s simple to save money. You just need to know how.

Early stages

The early days of uni can be great fun. Settling in, unsurprisingly, is the main priority for most new students. It’s important to make friends and socialise, of course. But don’t be careless with money as a result.

It’s all too easy to lose track of spending at the start of uni. So, why not plan your finances in advance?

Before you begin your degree, work out your available funds. That way, you can create an effective cash flow prior to this life change. And you needn’t be too stringent. Do this in enough time, and you’ll have enough money for fun events and other activities.

Produce a plan for every subsequent month, and you could stay financially afloat throughout your degree.

Exam periods

You’ll no doubt know this already, but exam periods are usually stressful. A lot of the time, heavy study leaves little time for necessary tasks — like grocery shopping.

This doesn’t have to the case, however. Once again, planning could provide a solution. With this in mind, why don’t you bulk buy food prior to each exam session? By doing so, you’ll be able to stock up on provisions — and as a result, you could potentially save money. Visit an affordable supermarket, and you can buy everything you need at a lower price. Bulk buying typically works out cheaper than sporadic shop purchases.

During exam periods, it can be all too tempting to overspend on sweet treats or takeaways. Buy your food in advance, and you can avoid this issue.


Graduation itself can be highly enjoyable. Many graduates cite it as one of the best days of their life. But, if you worry about your finances post-graduation, you aren’t alone. A large number of students do.

After leaving uni, you’ll have several things to consider, namely career options. At this busy time, you’ll most likely want financial security.

If you can put aside a small amount of money each week during your degree, you won’t have to worry about your finances post-graduation, while you search for your perfect job role.

So long as you have lodgings arranged and enough money saved, you’ll have everything you need to begin the next stage of your life from a healthy financial position.

Universities are places of opportunity – and not just academically speaking. Organise your finances successfully, and you can concentrate on reaping all the rewards that it has to offer.

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