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How to Monitor a Child’s Progress in School

The responsibility of figuring out how well a child is doing at school needs quite an effort. It is one of the most important aspects of a child’s education. Busy parents keep shuffling work and activities to make sure that their children are studying right.

We have added some tips to help you judge your child’s progress at school.

1. Attend school when you can

Many schools allow parents to volunteer during school hours. If you suggest volunteering to such an opportunity, you would know how your child spends half of his day at school.

If you don’t get such a chance, you could be around school or research about how the school teaches your child. It is important to first check how well the school does, and to then check how your child impacts.

2. Know your child’s teachers

From class teacher to subject teachers, parents have all the right to meet teachers and speak to them about progress. Lack of communication with teachers can result in not knowing how to teach your child.

Teachers are quick to grasp strengths and weaknesses in kids. They can accurately tell you how to train them at home. Remember, teachers are your partners when it comes to your child’s education. If allowed, you could chat with them and visit them to do better for your child.

3. Take interest in their school life

When your child comes from school, take out time from your busy chores and ask him about his day. Start with the routine and ask what happened in which class. Kids love to share their day, especially when you get friendly for such conversations.

When your child matures, take out time every week to know what they are accomplishing and what goals do they set for the next examinations. Make these experiences positive, and appreciate them when they do well.

4. Inspect their backpack

You should empty your child’s bag when he comes from school. Check if you see notes from teachers, if there is work done in their class-work copies, and if there are homework to be done.  If you child gets a weekly calendar from school, you should keep it printed in front of him to map out his studies all through.

5. Have homework routines

Kids get into a lot of activities, and they have a specific time for almost everything. Homework should be an essential part of their routine. Most schools have a habit to set homework. You should have a fixed routine for your child to finish his homework.

6. Get organized

When you start getting organized, your kids will follow. You must help them have good behavior, and that is not just how they behave but how they take care of their things. From clean school clothes to keeping stationeries intact, kids must know the value of things and take care of what they own.

7. Know their grades

Once you have started keeping in touch with the teacher, and helped your child develop good study habits, you must check if there is an improvement in their grades. When you monitor your child’s education closely, you would want the grades to stand up to your expectations.

It is important to help kids bring out their strengths and work on them. Every child has their own learning requirements and parents must help them get close to those.

8. Talk to other parents

The best way to know that the school is doing well is to talk to other parents. They will be able to tell you if there are concerns related to how the school is working or not.

You must also see how well their kids are doing and if that is the expected standard. Networking with more parents help you get better ideas on parenting, even if that’s just related to studies.

School is not the only institution that can help your child progress in their academics. You might want to add tutorials or extra-curricular in their lives so that they can learn more and explore their interests. School will always have their bit to do, but parents have to take it a step ahead.

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