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How to Make Your Phone Battery Last Longer

It seems like every day, our phones get more and more powerful. With all of these new features and updates, it’s no wonder that our battery life suffers. If you’re sick of your phone dying on you before the day is even over, there are a few simple things you can actually do to help extend your battery life.

Reduce Screen Brightness

Having your screen set to the brightest setting requires a lot of power and is understandably one of the biggest guzzlers of your battery’s charge. If you don’t need your screen to be intensely bright, turn it down a notch or two. You can usually do this in your phone’s settings. Reducing your screen brightness will help preserve your battery life without affecting your ability to see your phone’s display. In some instances, you may be doing your eyesight a favor as well.

Close Those Apps!

One of the biggest mistakes people make is leaving apps open in the background. Every app that is open and running, even if you’re not using it, is draining your battery. Get in the habit of closing out any apps that you’re not currently using. This will help your battery last much longer. If your battery is worn out due simply to age, or poor charging habits, it might be time to visit a business like Rapid iPhone Repair, where they can run tests, diagnose issues and replace the battery to prolong the life of your device.

Turn Off Location Services

If you don’t need location services turned on, then don’t have them on. Having your location services on will drain your battery faster than if it’s off. Only turn location services on when you’re using an app that needs it. This can be a real challenge these days considering many jobs and activities revolve around the use of GPS. Some jobs require phone usage while shopping and then navigating for deliveries. This is a high drain scenario and to offset battery usage during these times, be sure to close out all apps except those necessary while you’re working.

No Signal

It’s kind of rare that one finds themselves in an area where a signal doesn’t exist. Even in rural areas where you’d think cell signal would be weak, you might cruise past a farm with a big cell tower perched in the middle of a crop. On those rare occasions when your phone can’t find a signal, it will continue to search for one. This searching process requires a lot of battery power, so if you’re in an area with no signal, turn your phone off or put it in airplane mode until you’re within range of a signal again.

It’s easy to forget that our phones are small and mighty little computers and that just like computers, they need a bit of care to keep them operating optimally. Remembering that our mobile phones are nothing without their power source will help us make better choices about how we stay connected.

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