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How to Make a Grocery Delivery App Like Shipt?

Aren’t you overwhelmed by the rising demand for grocery delivery apps like Shipt? Without any question, individuals get addicted to applications to fulfill their basic needs. Therefore, businesses are also trying and opting for grocery delivery apps for their new business venture.

The online grocery delivery market in India is expected to generate revenue of US$ 22.17 billion by 2023, according to Statista. Whereas, Shipt is alone-standing IPO worth $14Bn. Such a growing industry will bring a positive impact on your business if done appropriately.

Do you want to build an app like Shipt? If so, this guide will help you understand “how to make a grocery delivery app like Shipt?” Let’s start with this important discussion ASAP.

What is Shipt?

Before learning about building an app like Shipt, better to understand what it is. Shipt is an alone-standing online grocery delivery app in the US, which was built in 2014 to revolutionize the household and grocery shopping experience. Shipt works with retailers through the application. Customers can find their required grocery items in the app listed by the retailers, and app delivery partners will deliver products to customers’ doorstep conveniently. The crux of Shipt is to maintain an expensive network of retailers and facilitate doorstep grocery delivery; which will constantly keep the app in demand among users.

How Does Shipt Work?

Using Shipt is very simple yet efficient. There are some easier steps to follow for the use of Shipt; which are:

Install the App and Register Yourself

The first step will be to install the application. Once the installation is done, be prepared to use the app and create the profile. Create your profile by entering some important information required; such as name, contact number, location, email address, and more. Also, secure your account with a password. The process is entirely free.

Choose your Location and Preferred Store

When your account is set up on Shipt, the user is supposed to enter his delivery location. The users can fill in their address manually, otherwise, they can also choose GPS for accuracy. The precise location sharing enables timely deliveries.

Prepare your Shopping Cart

If you want to buy something, then add your favorable and required items to the cart. When you find the product need to purchase, then click on “add to cart” to put that into the shopping cart. The users can add substitutions if their selected items and unavailable.

Membership Plans

Other grocery delivery apps and Shipt offer membership plans to users for potential money savings. Shipt is available with a $14/monthly subscription and $99/annual subscription. It is a cost-effective way for users to get groceries on time at a minimum cost comparable to other common users.

Choose Preferrable Delivery Time

When your shopping cart is done, the user has to check out. They have to mention their delivery address, provide their contact number, and select the preferable mode of payment. The delivery time slots will be based on the location and proximity of the store availability.

Order Fulfilment

After following all the steps given above, it carries forward to order fulfillment. Here the application will find and assign the task to the delivery partner to share the item at the customer’s doorstep.

Why Should You Opt For Online Grocery Delivery App?

There are many grocery store owners asking why it is important to invest in grocery delivery apps when the business has been running for years. There are reasons to prove that creating an app for grocery delivery is still important:

It is a Trend Now

No doubt that your business has been running and established a good name in the market. Still, the market trends are evolving, and offline markets are declining in their value and worth nowadays. People don’t feel like going to the market for grocery shopping, because they can find everything at their doorstep in just a few clicks. They believe in opening applications, selecting their required grocery items, and getting the items to the doorstep.

Increased Revenue

When the business earns more than expected, “Truly, Via Following Current Market Trends.” No denying that, it is completely on one’s choice either to create an app or not. On the contrary, now every business is upgrading itself by building mobile applications. The mobile app usage market is embarking on the market space. So building an app like Instacart grocery delivery or an online grocery delivery application is a profitable decision increasing exceptional revenue.

Growth for Local Business Merchants

It is a great idea to launch a grocery app for small businesses, which are struggling nowadays due to the technology advancements. These small and local businesses will get a chance to grow their business through online grocery delivery application mediums because people are searching for their required products through apps only. You can consider an example of an app like Instamart, which gives a chance to many local retailers to see their products through apps.

Features of Apps Like Shipt

The success of your mobile application or online grocery delivery app depends upon what features you are integrating. Here are some common and must-have features to add in-app:

For Customers

  • Signing Up and Registration
  • Searches and Filters
  • Single Cart
  • Select Products from Different Slots
  • Scheduled Delivery
  • Wallet
  • Order Tracking
  • Return and Replacement

For Delivery Partners

  • Geo-Mapping Services
  • Route Selection
  • Route Optimization
  • Chat Support and Call Support for Buyers and Sellers Both
  • Acceptance and Rejection of Orders

For Stores/Vendors/Sellers

  • Store Management
  • Product Listing
  • Seller Wallet
  • Inventory Management
  • Operational Time for Stores


  • Commission Management
  • Sellers and Delivery Staff Management
  • Reports and Analytics
  • Currency and Language Management
  • CMS Management

How to Build an Online Grocery Delivery App like Shipt?

Do you want to know how the mobile app development company India builds an online grocery delivery app? Know how:

Conceptualization and Market Research

At the initials, it is vital to analyze own ideas and concepts. You need to encourage ee own perspectives, how you want the business to step ahead, what features you want to add, who are your competitors, and other things. Despite all the idea analysis and conceptualization you have done, now focus on the market research as well. You need to understand what other competitors are doing, what are the tech trends following in the market, and more. Evaluating what you want and what is running in the marketplace will help understand what to develop.

Select your Business Model

There are various business models one can build in their grocery delivery partner; such as multi-vendor marketplace model, hyperlocal model, shopping model, and online selling model. Therefore, you have to decide and understand which business model is right and suits your online grocery app development idea.

Collaborate and Know Your Market

Know about your nearby market, meet the retailers, and build your network to know how you will proceed further with your business. Before the development initiates, the entrepreneur should first discuss and fix his few partners to give a kick-start to the business at its initials. After some time and with a bit of established brand awareness, the app will gradually take a rise in the marketplace.

UX/UI Design

Once the cliapprovesl to the iPhone application development company to start building an app, first they step into UX/UI designs. To meet the targeted audience and keep in touch with more networks; developers will give a seamless and great user interface to the application, do prototyping, wireframing, and smooth navigation. This is how they attract more buyers and sellers with impressive designs.

Agile Development

Here the developers will build the back-end and front-end of the application. They will add features, write the codes, set up the programs, and fix the functionalities to make it work.

Testing and Launch

Once the online grocery delivery app development is completed, the QAs will analyze and test the application to understand whether it is working appropriately or not. The QAs will figure out the app to remove the technical glitches and debug the app.

Once the app is tested, it is the moment to deploy the application on iOS or Android, or both platforms.


Online Grocery Delivery App Development is a great business start-up. You can estimate the growth and profitability through Shipt’s growing market graph. If you have any idea to build an app like Shipt, then consider this blog and hope you have gained enough knowledge to understand how to process things.

In case you need to know a few more things about building an app like Shipt, then initiate a conversation with a mobile app development company in India to assist you with possible results.

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