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How to Integrate NFTs Into Your Games

Non-fungible tokens have mushroomed in popularity across many customer markets worldwide since their introduction in 2017. While NFT has received a global audience due to its successful integration into digital platforms, few user spaces hold as much potential for successful integration of NFT as the video game business.

As we can see the world is watching the broader evolution of NFT adoption and its integration into video games. There is a sharp increase in the number of games that successfully master this integration of NFTs into their gaming models. Albeit NFT is a new concept and we have to take several steps to integrate NFTs into our video games.

Before diving in, let’s know about NFT and its benefits in mobile game development.

What is NFT?

NFT stands for non-fungible tokens and is based on the blockchain. Due to being recorded in a blockchain, no one can copy, subdivide, or substitute them, that’s why they are known as digital identifiers. They are also used to testify to ownership and authenticity.  NFTs can be sold or traded or transferred, and they can be created by anyone without experience in coding skills. NFTs consist of reference of digital files such as photos, videos, audio, and many more.

In short, NFTs are uniquely identifiable non-fungible tokens, they are different from cryptocurrencies.

Benefits of Creating an NFT Game

Here are the benefits you might be enjoying:

  • Drawing Venture Capital
  • Uncrowded Market
  • Scalability
  • Additional Ways of Earning

How to Integrate NFTs in Games?

We will describe the process in seven steps that will help you to integrate NFTs successfully into your game. At present, most solutions are vertically integrated. But, shortly, there will be more flexibility.

Identify the NFT Use Case

First, you should know how NFTs will be used, and depending on the uses there are different mechanisms to design an NFT such as size, distribution, edition, and many more. Some of the most important and prime uses of NFTs can be seen as art, gaming, collectibles, and experience.

Determine the Appropriate Blockchain

Always choose the best blockchain for your games to offer your services across many dimensions including throughput, an ecosystem of application, transaction cost, and the degree of decentralization.

Apart from that, while you are going to opt for NFTs on one blockchain, there are likely to be many other blockchains that support NFTs in the future and they may want to develop NFTs on multiple blockchains.

The ideal platform will support multiple blockchains and ensure the interoperability of assets between blockchains. Blockchain is playing a vital role in mobile game development.

Mint the NFTs

After deciding what content to use, the NFTs need to be minted or created, and for minting an NFT, an encrypted key is used to create a fungible token on the blockchain. Important aspects of the game like the name, description, characteristics, game editions, and size can be included within the token. Once an NFT is minted, it will be there forever on the blockchain. It is very important to have a minting platform that offers you flexibility and control over the features of the NFT.

There are multiple platforms where you can help mint the NFTs for your games. It is very important to know that the ecosystem of NFT is in its infancy and many more are about to come into the NFT game world. In creating NFTs, always choose the best providers who will mint NFTs that will fulfill all demands of your games, and introduce features that will also help you to control the games.

You can also take the help of the NFT Game Development Company to mint the NFTs and integrate NFTs into your game.

Decide How to Store Digital Assets

It is very important to decide how your digital content of games being distributed by the NFT is being stored. Most existing platforms that create and maintain NFTs will host your game media files through either decentralized or centralized storage ways. NFTs are minted to restrain the digital content or media itself or to contain a reference to the digital content.

So, always choose the best appropriate method to store your digital assets when you are choosing NFT-based mobile game development.

Store and Access NFTs securely and Easily

NFTs are stored in a crypto wallet, similar to cryptocurrencies. It is just equivalent to a digital address. So, always choose the best crypto wallets for your game because there are various crypto wallets available, and you can choose the best according to your game’s needs. You can also get the wallets from top exchanges where you can directly control your gaming assets. To cover the maximum game market, it is vital to be able to integrate with most of these wallets, so you can be able to deliver NFTs to a maximum number of digital addresses.

There are two types of wallets, one is custodial and the other is non-custodial. Most users that interact with crypto most of them prefer the non-custodial model because by using this model, they can get full control over their gaming assets. And including custodial solutions in your gaming platform can help provide a broader audience with easy access to a game platform. A safe crypto wallet is a must for storing and accessing NFTs securely because it is responsible for safekeeping the NFTs.

Distribute Across an Applicable Marketplace

Choose an NFT game development company for evaluating NFT marketplaces because the marketplace is important to distribute NFTs. You can look at these factors while you choose a marketplace for your NFT game such as flexibility and control over the branding of players’ experience, whether a particular marketplace allows users to purchase NFTs via fiat currency like dollars, euro, and many more, or where user can use cryptocurrency for buying, and audience of the NFT marketplace.

Identify Additional Opportunities to Engage Customers

NFTs integration in-game can help you to engage customers and offer you various additional opportunities. Here are the most common advantage of incorporating NFT in your mobile game development:

Loyalty and Gamification

NFTs can be used as a reward so users can show more interest in your game platform, and an NFT can be earned by completing any specific task, or you can also introduce any specific merchant where after making a purchase you will get a certain loyalty reward.

Utility Across Metaverses

There are many chances to imbue NFTs with developed utility by developing functionality that can be used across different apps with many metaverses.


You can also combine NFTs with particular event tickets to provide access to any gaming event. These tickets can be used to provide authenticity, and royalties upon sales or auctions, and even you can turn digital tickets into an asset.


NFTs can be used to make an impact on the decisions of a team or players.

Customer Data with Anonymity

A crypto wallet reflects the assets of the customer. This can also help you to inform marketing strategies to a user and to engage with customers.

Final Word

As we can see NFT is playing a vital role in mobile game development, and if you opt for NFT, then you can make handsome revenue from it and can easily attract a huge audience. The demand for NFT is increasing day by day and it also thrills users because they can experience a new concept. You can also introduce your game platform with the help of an NFT game development company.


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