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How to Improve Conversions in Web Marketing by Leveraging the Bandwagon Effect

How to Improve Conversions in Web Marketing by Leveraging the Bandwagon Effect

The bandwagon effect describes people’s tendency to do one thing for the simple reason that most people are doing it. This is notwithstanding whether what is being done follows with their personal beliefs or not. If your business has been struggling in terms of conversions, then such a tendency is one resource that your organisation might want to consider tapping into. Why is this so?

The bandwagon effect has been revealed to be so effective that its result has been observed in politics, public law, and marketing. Research studies have shown that the bandwagon effect influences people’s will not just to use a particular brand but to pay more (or less) for a product or service.

How do you utilise the bandwagon effect to enhance your conversions?

Strategic use of customer reviews

It has been established that individuals care a lot about what other people like them think; that’s the whole point of the bandwagon impact. This is why customer reviews on your landing pages can go a long way toward better conversions.

However, it is not enough to simply post client testimonials. These should be accompanied by the brand’s logo. After all, customer reviews are most effective when the testimonials are accompanied by the client’s name and company logo.

Highlight your big numbers

One of the most reliable ways to utilise the bandwagon effect to enhance your conversions is by showcasing your numbers. When you highlight the fact that a specific number of people use your product, you are tacitly proving that people find value in your product or service.

For instance, let us say that you have a blog that has been shared by people 2,000 times on social media. Newcomers to the blog are more likely to trust the information that you have on the blog upon seeing the number of people that have openly endorsed your content. It is no wonder then that this is a popular strategy employed by most reputable SEO companies in Sydney.

Incorporate Consumer reviews into Web pages

Consider the following statistics that highlight the power of customer reviews:

You can take advantage of the power of proof by including customer ratings or reviews into your sales page. Humans are social creatures by default and are curious about what other individuals think. This encompasses their ideas about items we wish to acquire and what they honestly think about it? If they were to rank their experience, how will they rate it? Make this information readily available on your sales page and view your conversions skyrocket.

Leverage association with a famous personality

In the early 1760s, an English potter and self-made entrepreneur named Josiah Wedgewood presented a tea set to Queen Charlotte. The Queen was so pleased with the latter that she openly praised Wedgewood for his artistry and sophistication. News of his achievement spread and orders for his products poured in from nobilities throughout Great Britain. Wedgewood then founded the famous earthenware brand called “Queensware” which people continue to hold in high regard even today.

Obtaining celebrity endorsements is no simple feat, but can propel your business to new heights. If you can manage the latter, then it is safe to say that the endorsement alone is more than sufficient to pave the way to success for online marketing in Sydney.

Even if you can’t get a celebrity to endorse your business directly, you can still leverage association with the latter and draw in the crowd that follows them. You can do this by publishing content that says that a particular celebrity uses your product or service. The latter must be the truth of course so don’t make things up.

Showcase Real-Time Consumer Activity

Businesses can likewise take advantage of the bandwagon effect by showing users real-time website activity. This can be particularly helpful if you run an e-commerce website that is already generating a fair amount of sales. You can show users a notification whenever new users make a purchase. This notification not only features the products or services on offer but also inform users that yours is an active website used by hundreds if not thousands of users every single day. The belief strengthens consumer confidence regardless of what they personally think about the product or service.

So there you have it — a few innovative ways to take advantage of the bandwagon effect and get better results out of your web marketing. It is a resource that many businesses often overlook and might be the last bit of push that your organisation needs for improving conversions.

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