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How to Grow Your Business on Connected TV

CTV continues conquering the video market from all angles. Marketers, advertisers, publishers, and, the most important, viewers stick to this channel and prefer streaming services over traditional TV. Today, more than three-quarters of American families watch CTV. That is why advertisers pay their special attention to this channel.

According to eMarketer, CTV ad spending in the US is projected to grow as large as $10.81 billion by 2021, up from close to $7 billion in 2019. Connected TV skyrockets in all senses – from the perspective of viewers and businessmen. Consumers prefer streaming services over traditional media and advertisers acknowledge the incredible potential of CTV regarding audience reach and targeting. At this point, you must be wondering: how to use CTV advertising for your business? Let’s discuss.

What to Consider?

Ad monetization is key for every business owner. Every marketer and entrepreneur tries to minimize expenses and maximize income as much as possible and right they are. Of course, you cannot miss out on the potential of new technologies like CTV! Otherwise, your competitors will outrun you.

The main advantage of CTV is its rapid viewership growth. This technology gains more popularity global audiences especially after the recent pandemics when all the world was homebound for months. People stayed at home for a long time and they desperately craved entertainment. Having once enjoyed convenient and diverse connected TV content most of them won’t come back to traditional linear TV.

And here is the logical progression: the more viewers stick to CTV, the more advertisers and publishers enter the game. However, purchasing ad space for your CTV campaign feels like shooting in the dark if you are a newcomer. To avoid confusion, one should partner with an advanced video monetization platform (read more). Such platforms are packed with tools and supported by professionals that will make your campaign run smoothly. Not only there is direct supply from premium publishers, but also advanced tools for campaign tracking and analysis.

Helpful Monetization Tips for Beginners

CTV advertising is a great idea for all brands that strive to boost their brand awareness and sales. Read these tips and tricks, learn how to start, and get inspired:

  • Optimize your existing campaign

When you adopt the new medium, it is important to reconsider your campaign and strategy. Rethink your ad message, find the best time to display ads, and optimize targeting. Luckily, OTT inventory offers data-based insights and toolkits for your analysis and improvement.

  • Increase brand awareness

Plan your campaign and think long-term. Showcase your brand’s “voice” and style, change messaging considering habits of your existing and potential viewers – have a plan and look forward!

  • Offer gifts and promos

People like free stuff. Offer deals with great awards and promotions to gladden your buyers and encourage them to come back.

  • Add a pinch of creativity

Connected TV allows you to get creative with your content. As we have already mentioned, there are numerous tools available on monetization platforms and they allow you to make ads more engaging and interactive. For instance, you can add movable galleries right into the videos or QR codes that will transfer your customer to your site.


To keep up with the competition, it is not enough to follow the advertising trends – you need to be ahead of the game. When new technologies appear on the market, advertisers should take that chance and give those tools a try. Regardless of your goods and services CTV advertising is a great way to reach new prospects and turn them into loyal buyers CTV advertising platforms exclude any confusion and mistakes newcomers are so afraid of, which makes risks minimal. You are welcome to benefit from numerous instruments for implementation, measurement, analysis, and improvement – they are vast and efficient. Let this article motivate you for a new step to make!

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