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How To Get Unlimited Comments And Likes On Facebook Post

Facebook is a popular website on the internet with millions of visits per day. It is one of the leading social media marketing platforms, where one can promote their business to millions of people in a short time and increase their popularity and sales. There are plenty of ways to promote business, such as posting videos, products, and posts. But you will become famous only if you receive more comments and likes on your post, video, and products.

Many people do not comment or like other Facebook posts or status statuses. But if somebody wants people to comment or like their Facebook post, then this post is greatly helpful for them. In this post, we will discuss how you can get unlimited comments or likes on your Facebook post fast.

Ways to get Unlimited comments and likes on your Facebook post

To get more comments or likes on your Facebook post, the first thing you need to do is update your Facebook profile. Go to setting, then drag down, and then you can see privacy settings. In the privacy setting, you have made your post visible to the public. Also, you need to set all privacy settings options as public.

  • When you set your privacy settings to public mode, then only you can get more comments or likes on your Facebook post.
  • If your Facebook age is below 18, then you cannot perform this task. So your FB age should be more than 18. Even if your FB age is below 18, you can increase its age by one to two years to perform this task.
  • Another best way to acquire comments and likes to your post is to search the keyword “auto commenter” in Google. Then click the first list of auto commenters. After clicking it, you will find the interface and drag it down. You will see the Facebook login option.
  • After login, you will get a code that you to enter in the next field and then press enter key. This will take you to your Facebook account.
  • As you need more comments on your post, then choose the button auto commenter? After clicking the Continue button, you will see your Facebook post. In this, you have lots of options to get comments and likes for your profile, photo, or even cover picture.

Whatever several comments you want on your post enter the digit. And you will get at least 60 percent of comments to that digit. For example, if you enter digit 50, then you will receive at least 30 comments. You also have the flexibility of whatever comment you want on your Facebook post. Such as pleasant, wow, good post, great post, excellent post, etc. All these comments shown in your post are visible internationally; you cannot set them geographically.

If you see your Fb post after a few days, then you will notice many comments and likes to your post. You can also note various types of comments people have made, such as nice, wow, great post, etc. You can note that whatever comment you have types, you will receive the similar one. You can also get comments and like likes on your status as well as your customized channel.


However, you also have the option to buy Facebook comments and likes to your post as there are plenty of service providers available in the marketplace. But you have to ensure that the comments and like you purchase are real. As there are many service provider that offers fake comments and likes to your post, which is of no use to you.

Share fans are one of the leading social media promotion companies that provide real comments and like to clients at affordable prices. It is one of the famous companies that facilitate the best quality service to their clients.

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