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How to Find the Right Residential Construction Tender Software

To own your own house is a life goal for most people, and the numbers reflect this. In the US alone, it is forecast in that new residential construction up until 2022 will reach 671.95 billion US Dollars.

With these numbers, construction companies, as well as subcontractors are scrambling on how they can be part of this action. But how do they get the project? Is it announced somewhere? Does somebody tell them?

Construction companies, as well as subcontractors, get most of their jobs thru bidding. A construction bid is a process where the construction firm presents a potential client with a tender (or a proposal) to build a building. Here residential houses.

In construction bids, the contractors swear by one rule: Start with highly accurate cost estimates and then, submit the lowest bid.

And this starts with looking at the construction plans which are provided by the would-be client and performing a material quantity takeoff. Material quantity takeoff is a list of materials with quantities and type that are required to build a structure ( for example, what type of steel)

This sounds when we read it, but, in reality, it’s an extremely laborious and tedious process and, and construction companies in a bid to make estimates are as accurate as possible are turning to tender software.

A residential construction tender software simply put is a program designed for the construction industry to streamline the estimated construction cost for a project making the bidding process faster. The faster you can finish one bidding estimate, the faster it is you can go on to the next bid. Bidding after all in a numbers game – the more projects you bid on, the more likely it is you will get one.

If you are on the lookout for a residential construction estimating tender software for your construction company, how do you find it? Do you just get the first one that you see? Here are a few things that you might want to ask yourself when shopping around for a residential construction tender software.

Choosing a Construction Bidding Software

When looking for the best residential construction bidding software that will best suit your company here are the things that you might want to ask yourself.

What Do I Want It To Do?

Before you sleuth around the internet for specific software, the first thing that you should do when choosing a bidding software is to have a clear cut idea on what you want the software to do.

Usually, you want the software to help streamline your estimation process, increase accuracy and efficiency and of course make more money with fewer headaches.

Your estimating team, the management staff that finalizes the estimate and your IT department are the best people to ask first.

When you’ve done the initial consultation with your team, do a bit of sleuthing around and check what software is available out in the market. Read about the features that this software offers as well as read the reviews from people who have used the software. But don’t go automatically go with the software that you think has the most features. Go instead for a software which has the features that you’ll actually use. Quality over quantity

At the least, go with a reputable company. This software companies should have an excellent reputation in the construction industry and understands your estimation requirements.

Is It Easy To Use?

In choosing the best construction estimating and bidding software for your company, usability should be on your top priorities. The least tech-savvy person in your team should comprehend the program with minimal assistance from support guides or tutorials.

The program should allow you to import blueprint images and create price books and cost sheets, scales and takeoffs, as well as assist you to make an official bid quickly and efficiently so that you can get the bid to a potential client as quickly as possible.

Does It Track Costs Efficiently?

A good cost estimator will help you keep track of costs during construction ( granting that you’ve won the bid) to make sure that you stay as close as you can to the original estimate. Good software will allow you to track your stock of material and alert you if there certain aspects of the project that’s going over the original estimate.

Does It Offer Good Customer Support?

Learning new software can be difficult at first, so a good estimating software company should have tutorial materials available should you need it as well customer support (24/7 would be ideal) through phone, email or live chat.

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