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How to Find the Best Bargains, Discounts and Vouchers

If something has made it to television, you know it has arrived. Who can forget the few episodes of ‘Apprentice’ where contestants had to get the best coupon deals for Lord Sugar, now even he knows the value of vouchers? Vouchers have made a big comeback in recent years. Keeping the whole economy aside, it’s become more of a game of competition, where you get a kick out of saving some money, or knowing how much you have saved over something that costs a bomb.


This craze behind the whole vouchers thing explains why you have so many sites on the internet dedicated to giving away vouchers on a regular basis. One such site, where you get UK’s top retailers listed is It is a great place to look for vouchers and great deals i.e. in short all stores at VoucherBin are the perfect fit for all types of bargains you can think upon. Here are some other ways you can bag a great deal online.

Keep a watchful eye

Now if you are shopping from sites like Amazon, Best Buy or even Curry’s they are bound to make you stay and get the best deal possible on their site. So look around, sometimes you are most likely to get a voucher for an extra discount on the site itself. Did you know that sites like Amazon have a warehouse of returning goods? The bargain warehouse is where all their returned items are sold at a much cheaper price. ‘Deals of the day’ is also a great section to look out for a bargain; these deals can fetch you up to a 70% discount on merchandise.

Student discounts

If you are a student, you can get an extra 10% off on clothing and books on Amazon and other select sites. Apart from that, you also get a 5% off of CDs, Jewellery, Craft and art supplies, DIY kits, kitchen and garden products, tools and groceries. All you have to do is put in your NUS code, or your code given to you by the national union of students. Not only that, you can also avail discounts on electronics (up to 75% discounts on student laptops), Uber cabs, meals at fancy restaurants, and even on select holidays.

Comparing sites

If you don’t get a good bargain on sites like Amazon and Best Buy don’t settle for an un-discounted rate for your product. There are other sources that offer you a good rate for the same goods. Ever heard of comparing sites; what these sites do is, look around the internet and gather all the rates for the same product. This is a fairly hassle free way of looking at which site is offering you the best price for your product.


While there are sites that give you discount vouchers although there are times too when you can’t get any of those. Then you look for codes, and sites that offer you those. Each time you purchase an item, you have a small box below, where you put in the promotional code and get a discount; well, there are sites out there that just list out codes that you could use to avail a discount. It does need a little bit of trial and error, but eventually you always stumble upon something that works.

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