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How to Find a Better-Paying Job in Australia

Australian Taxation Office revealed that the professionals who earn the most in the country are Surgeons, Anaesthetists, Internal Medicine Specialists, Financial Dealers, Lawyers, Psychiatrists, Mining Engineers, Other Medical Practitioners, CEOs and Managing Directors, and Generalist Medical Practitioners in that particular order.

The report also revealed that the highest Oz earners lived in Sydney’s suburbs (such as Edgecliff, Point Piper Darling Point, and HMAS Rushcutters); Bellevue Hill in its neighbourhood; Melbourne’s Hawksburn and Toorak suburbs and St Andrews in its outskirts; and Perth’s Cottesloe and Peppermint Grove areas.

Get the Right Visa

The Skilled Occupation List (SOL) Australia shows that which types of professionals are most in demand in the country. Internationally-recognised mainstream qualifications like Nursing and Engineering are most in demand. If you are an engineering professional having the right qualification, you have higher chances of finding a good job through Engineers Australia Migration Skill Assessment.

It is to be noted that a temporary-skilled visa (Visa 457) allows companies to sponsor overseas employees for up to four years. Those who spend two years at an Australian university can apply for a temporary graduate visa which allows students to live and work in Australia for 18 months after completing their graduation.

Those who are under 31 can apply for a work holiday visa which can allow them to stay in Australia for up to a year. However, this visa allows you to work for an employer only up to six months, which makes it difficult for you to get hired. If you are planning to continue to stay in the country, you should try to look for jobs where employers are more likely to sponsor you later on.

Use the temporary stay-and-work visas to work for the employer sincerely. Be the best employee they can ever find and prove how valuable you are to them.

Where to Go?

Sydney and regional Western Australia offer largest salaries to the jobseekers. Canberra and Melbourne are also amongst the top-paying Australian cities.

The roles that attracted highest salaries were in the ICT (Information and Communication Technology) and the Mining, Resources and Energy sectors.

Check here to find out which jobs are highest paid in which region.

As expected, major cities have more jobs. For those who are on working holidays, hospitality work might be the best option. A Robert Walters salary survey revealed that those who are working in the technology, corporate governance and infrastructure fields are likely to see a double-digit wage growth.

The Right Aptitude and the Right Industry

From miners, dentists and engineers to accountants and sales professionals, a big salary is a dream everyone can achieve if they have the right skills and the right aptitude to climb up the corporate ladder.

In unskilled industries, it’s all about how much time you serve and how many duties you can take on.

Similarly, traditional jobs like Human Resources might fetch you a better salary in one industry than the other. For example, HR professionals in the mining sector are typically paid more in Australia than their peers working in the retail or logistics industry.

Jobs in Demand

The salary you get for a job simply depends on the demand-and-supply game. For example, allied health fields like podiatry or optometry are commanding higher salaries these days because they are more in demand. Mining jobs in remote locations pay more because they need mining engineers there and are ready to shell more money for it.

However, be warned, do not sell yourself off to a higher salary until you really love the job. Working in a field you hate – just because it pays you big money – has been the downfall of several careers in the past.

What are Employers looking for?

As an overseas worker in Australia, employers will expect you to have excellent academic results and professional experience to prove that you have the required technical skills and industry knowledge for the job. They would also want you to have good written and oral communication and interpersonal skills, you are the right fit for the values and cultural environment of the company, you have a high emotional intelligence and that you can work well in teams.

Many foreigners find it difficult to find Australian employers who are willing to sponsor them just because they do not speak English well enough. If you are one of them, enrol in an English course now.

Employers also expect that the skilled workers from overseas that they hire will bring in fresh ideas on how to do business and have skills that are not easily available in their country.

Be Found

Many employers who are looking for skilled workers and professionals from abroad use SkillSelect to choose and sponsor the best employees for them according to their occupations, English language abilities, and qualifications.

You may also check out the Employer Hub to find details on employers who are interested in sponsoring the right candidates from abroad. You can see the visas they require and work rights associated with them.

Work on making your network stronger and be persistent in your job search.

Do you have some other ideas you would like to share with us? Mention them in the Comments section.

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