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How to Educate Yourself and Unleash Your Creativity

The key has to be the process of education. In the midst of all this unleash the powers of your creativity as well.

To enhance our creativity levels, we need to enrich our minds. Information along with knowledge would be important from a creative point of view. An idea might arise in your mind. You will then need to combine with the knowledge to provide a better view.  A simple logic holds true that a stepping stone has to be there for an idea formation. Therefore, you would need to empower your mind to the fullest.

Educating yourself on a day in day out basis

If you find something that you are not aware, and then research it. With smartphones, things have become e, easy. During the course of the day learn one new word.

Stuff yourself up

Keep aside 15 minutes a day- to set the same time every day. Whatever be your schedule make it a point that 15 minutes are kept apart. Devote this time to self-education. You can work on yourself and find out new ways to educate yourself.

Maintain a journal 

Reflect what you have gone on to learn during the course of the day. Keep a journal handy.  Note out the big lessons you have learned during the day. In addition jot down some interesting quotes. On a week to week basis analyse them and figure out what you wrote Now how you get the ball rolling in your quest to unleash creativity. There are a few media that might come to your rescue. The list goes as below.

  1. Blogs: The most trendy and interesting people have their own blogs. Ideally, they would want the world to have a view of their creative insights. For example, the blog by James Clear would be an absolute dealt. It does teach you on how you can master your life by having a control over your habits. On a personal level, I do make it a point that they I do not miss a single post. So, it is high time that you have a speedy account. Then make it a habit of reading the blogs. Your mind will be in a better space.
  2. Online courses: Once your college days are over, then studying would be the last thing on your mind. No need to attend colleges as online courses to provide the perfect platform. There are various resources to help you in your objective. For example, Udemy happens to one of the top-notch educational platforms of the world. It has around 3 million users who are part of 80,000 courses worldwide.
  3. Talks: The best minds in any sphere come together on a common platform. They do come forward to share their thoughts or videos. This might evolve from a single minute to an hour. For example, in Google talks, you come across some of the guest speaks. They might be performers in their proven field of study you can learn a lot from them by their vision and ideas.
  4. Audio-books: Of the entire lot this happens to be my favorite. Even if I am away from my reading habit, I do read a couple of books every month. Though it does provide a lot of services, Audible works out to be the best among them.  For a lot of experts, this works out to be the favourite choice as well. You can use it on your smartphone.
  5. Podcasts: Podacsts could turn out to be a substitute for Audiobooks. You might have all the skills in a particular domain. But nothing stands in comparison to listening to an expert in this domain. They have constant pep up talks on a subject. Just you would need to tune in and then listen. There are a lot of them as well. To sum it up, all the information happens to be there. In fact, they are in front of you. You will be in for a surprise if you train your mind. There does involve so much to learn in our life. You might have all the resources at your peril. But they are of no use if you do not know to use them.

The key has to be the process of education. In the midst of all this unleash the powers of your creativity as well.

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