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How to Create a Website Optimized for Better Conversions

Create a website optimized for better conversions with these tips. Use them to increase traffic to your site, improve customer experiences, and drive sales.

Create a website optimized for better conversions with these tips. Use them to increase traffic to your site, improve customer experiences, and drive sales.

Creating a website doesn’t guarantee conversions. For this to happen, you need to create a website optimized for better conversions. It should cut through the noise, attract potential buyers, and convince them to spend money on your products and services.

So, what’s the best way to create a website that serves as a conversion-generating machine?

This post expounds on tactics you can use to create a website optimized for better conversions.

Read on to discover them.

Tactics to Create a Website That Drives Better Conversions

Here is how you can create a website that helps you attract customers, build authentic engagement, and drive better conversions:

1. Incorporate Good Design

To create a website that brings you better conversions, you need to be mindful of your website design.

Your website’s look helps in making a lasting first impression of your brand. So, you’d want it to pull your audience in so that they are inclined to check your brand more.

So, how can you ensure your website delivers?

Make sure your website has:

  • Fast load speeds
  • Responsive design, no matter the device used
  • Engaging layout
  • Intuitive navigation
  • Clear value proposition
  • Bold elements paired with a minimalistic design
  • Organized content with short paragraphs and subheadings
  • Site security
  • Bold typography
  • No broken links
  • Schema markup
  • Great page experience

For instance, note how Texas Beard Company has an engaging homepage that can instantly catch the attention of their visitors.

2. Create Rich Content

Consider that people who visit your site will most likely skim through your content.

In fact, only 18% of people would love to learn about a product by reading text-based articles or website content.

So how can you ensure that the website you create provides valuable content that drives better conversions?

  • Keep the tone and voice consistent with your brand voice
  • Use visuals that attract and keep audiences engaged 
  • Showcase your products as problem solvers
  • Avoid fluff and ensure all your content offers value such as coupon codes.
  • Use persuasive CTAs (calls-to-action)

Most importantly, you should create a blog where you post informational and entertaining pieces that educate your audience on your products and help solve their pain points.

3. Optimize for SEO

Learning how to create a website optimized for SEO (search engine optimization) can improve your rankings and drive better conversions.

How is this?

Good SEO helps you attract traffic, increase lead generation opportunities, and grow thought leadership.

But how can you create a website optimized for SEO and better conversions?

  • Collect data from your audience, including behavior reports, traffic data, page sessions, etc., and use it to optimize your website.
  • Find keywords based on user intent using keyword research tools and use them across your website and blog content.
  • Handle on-page SEO. Optimize your headlines, subheadlines, and meta tags with primary and related keywords without stuffing them.
  • Take care of off-page SEO. Use external marketing tactics like social media, guest blogging, influencer marketing, link building, etc., to improve your SEO.
  • Ensure your website provides a safe, secure, and smooth browsing experience.
  • Optimize your site for local search using local SEO.
  • Use schema markup to improve your chances of showing up in rich results in the SERPs. To create schema codes without the need to code, you can leverage Attrock’s Schema Markup Generator.

4. Make Buying Easier

Create a website with elements strategically placed to simplify the buying process. You need to make it easy for your audience to find the products or services they’re looking for to drive better conversions.

And what elements are these?

These include everything from search bars to product categories and names. 

For example, by leveraging platforms for live chat, you can easily answer all the questions of your audience in real-time. All you need to do is check out this list of live chat platforms created by giosg and choose a platform from it and add it to your website. 

When you’re able to clear their doubts with ease or guide them to the products they’re looking for, it improves their experience. At the same time, it can drive them to buy from you too. 

But don’t stop there:

Integrate other elements that help you improve conversions like:

  • Non-disruptive forms with few fields and clearly demonstrated value
  • Visible CTA’s
  • Verifiable testimonials
  • Quality original photos
  • Urgency elements like scarcity, timers, limited discounts, etc.
  • Clear navigation paths
  • Catchy lead magnets
  • Reviews and ratings
  • Captivating headlines
  • FAQ sections
  • Clear contact information
  • Add newsletter CTA for better email marketing subscribers.

It’s Time to Create a Website Optimized for Better Conversions

By leveraging the tactics mentioned above, you can easily create a website optimized for better conversions. These tactics can help you design your site right, create content that drives action, build audience trust, and boost conversions. Apart from this, you can add your affiliate program link to your website for better results.

These strategies can also help you rank your site, thus driving more visitors to it and increasing your conversion opportunities.

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Gaurav Sharma is the Founder of Attrock, a digital marketing company. He works closely with top marketing influencers and has helped numerous brands, ecommerce firms, and SaaS companies grow. He is also a certified Google Analytics and Google Adwords specialist and regularly contributes to reputable publications like HuffPost, TechCrunch, and many more.

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