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How to Choose the Right Color of Shawl/Scarf?

As the winds are bringing a touch of chillness, you know it is time to invest in winter wear. The winter is the time of festivals and merriment. So many occasions like weddings and reunions happen during this season.

For that reason, while shopping for the winter accessory, something that you can flaunt on those occasions is quintessential. It may be like the hand embroidery Cashmere Shawl a vibrant Pashmina Shawl or a winter stole.

It is the way you wear the accessory that makes the difference. You need to flaunt it in the right way so that it will look classy and elegant.

However, as buying Pashmina is an expensive affair; you may have many questions popping up in your mind and most of the time people get confused about the color.

Often they have questions like – what will be the suitable color for their skin tone which color is best to match with a wide range of dresses which color is in the fashion right now and many more.

To resolve all color-related queries while shopping for the Shawls and scarves; you have to check the following section.

Check out the skin tone

While selecting the shawl or scyou you have to determine the skin tone to know which shade will look best on you.

Basic Test

Keep your palm on the shawl and check whether the color looks radiant or dull. If your palm looks good with the shade, then you may have found the right shawl for you.

Advanced Test

As the Pashmina shawl is a lifetime investment, you must wear it even when you grow old. For that reason, you must be thinking about how it will look on you after 10 or 20 years. To know that; you have to go through an advanced test to check the color of the vein.

If the vein appears blue and light green then you have a medium tone, for purple and dark blue it is the dark tone and the light tone has a dark green color vein.

Light Skin Tone

If you have light skin color, then you can experiment with dark and bold colors. You can also carry a happy yellow or gorgeous red beautifully.

Dark Skin Tone

For the duskier beauty, you can choose an amalgam of all the colors that will complement your skin tone. Be it creamy white or a hot red, it will make you appear unique and stand out in the crowd for sure.

Medium Skin Tone

You can consider yourself a blessed person who can enjoy almost all the colors. However, shades of the black or maroon colored scarf will look extremely good on you.

The Outfit

While shopping for the Cashmere Shawl or scarf, you have to keep in that the outfits with which you want to team it up. You have to check the prints and patterns of the dress as well as the shawl and make sure they complement each other.

Thank you so much for your time.

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