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How to Choose Crystals and Stones that are Right for You

Crystals and gemstones capture contemporary imagination, and their mentions go far back to ancient Greek Legends of Atlantis that powered machines using them. They’ve been capturing human imagination for years, and today they dot all different types of spaces for their beauty and benefits. There are also just so many to choose from, with 300 documented gemstones, all of which have unique properties. That’s why birthstone jewelry is so popular as well. So, which one should you pick? We’ve designed a little guide to help!

Finding the Right One for You

Pick What Feels Right

When you pick a crystal, you mustn’t be going for the pretty ones. Be open to the Universe and recognize signs from it, which means being receptive to the crystal that comes your way. Don’t let preconceived notions cloud your judgment.

Decide What Attracts You

It’s completely possible that even without experience with stones, you might feel a physical tug towards one. For this, take your non-dominant hand and pass it over the crystals. You might be able to feel it from one or even more. If you don’t, don’t worry, and move to the next step.

Experiment with Different Properties

Look up crystals and stones according to what you need them for. Pick the crystal or stone based on one of the seven chakras you think need some TLC. You can incorporate them into chakra healing necklaces as well.

First Chakra

It’s also called the root chakra because it’s located at the end of the spine and keeps us grounded. It also connects body, mind, and soul to the earth.

Second Chakra

Located at the navel below the belly button and helps express emotions.

Third Chakra

The solar plexus chakra located below the rib cage is what gives us the gut feeling.

Fourth Chakra

This is responsible for emotional healing and good mental health. It’s also called the heart chakra.

Fifth Chakra

The fifth chakra is associated with creativity and honesty in communication and self-expression. It’s also referred to as throat chakra.

Sixth Chakra

Located between the eyes, this chakra is responsible for self-discovery and helping look beyond the materialistic world. Also referred to as the third eye chakra.

Seventh Chakra

This chakra connects us to conscious energy, which is why it’s also called crown chakra.

Popular Crystals to Start With

If you’re just starting with crystal and gemstones, it might be confusing to pick one (they’re all so beautiful we want them all). There are some popular crystals and stones that are easier to find.


Citrine cuts through negativity to uplift your mood and can also soothe anxiety.

Clear Quartz

If you feel like you’re stuck in a fog or an unclear situation, a clear quartz crystal just might be the thing you need to cleanse your chakra and get a burst of purifying energy.


Jade has a long history in East Asia and has been called the stone of heaven. It has amazing purifying qualities.


Amethyst calms and relaxes. It’s a great stone to use for meditation or spiritual exploration. This stone is perfect for beginners if you don’t know where else to start. It’s a popular stone used in natural necklaces.


If you’re walking a new path or need a little sidekick as you try something new and need some safety or something to ground, check out black obsidian.


Moonstone has beautiful soothing colors and is incredible in cleansing your soul. It also has to nurture feminine energy, which is recommended if you’re looking to unlock your inner goddess.

Looking for the Right Buy Custom Jewelry Online?

Crystal and stones have healing properties that are best experienced. You can buy big pieces, too, but why not wear the healing beads in jewelry and get the most out of them? If you’re looking for handmade beaded jewelry customized to your preferences, check out Pirowna.

They have handmade beaded earrings and chakra healing necklaces that you can customize the length and style of. Customized necklaces or earrings, they can make it exactly the way you dreamed it’ll be. Check them out and get your right beaded stone in beautiful wearable jewelry.

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