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How to Build Mobile App like TaskRabbit

The efficiency of an on-demand mobile app like TaskRabbit depends on its features and the technology used to make the app. Choosing the right mobile app development team or company also plays an essential role in building a mobile app like TaskRabbit.

In this article, we will discuss in detail how to build mobile apps like TaskRabbit and the important factors that affect the app’s performance and should be paid special attention to.

How to Build an App like TaskRabbit?

TaskRabbit is a successful name in the on-demand services industry that helps customers find the required handyman services such as gardening, deep house cleaning, plumbing, carpentry, etc.

Considering the high success rate of the business, several entrepreneurs are inspired and are willing to launch an on-demand service business and build a mobile app like TaskRabbit.

Let’s Discuss in detail the Efficient way in which you can build an App like TaskRabbit

There are three available approaches to building a mobile app like TaskRabbit. Based on your business requirements, and consultation with the app development team or company you can choose the best suitable app development approach for your business.

Build an App from scratch

For complex projects that require several customizations and integrations, it is best to develop an app from scratch. The app development team/company uses waterfall or agile methodology to build the on-demand service app like TaskRabbit.

The only concern here is that the time and cost for app development are high as compared to any other app development method mentioned below.

SaaS Solutions

In the case of SaaS solutions, they need to be customized to build an app like TaskRabbit. They run on the solution provider’s cloud server with monthly, quarterly, or semi-annually charges. The recurring costs are only the major challenge here, but if it satisfies your business requirements then you can opt for this mobile app development option without hesitation.

Readymade Mobile App Solutions

The third and one of the most reliable mobile app development methods is the “readymade mobile app solution” which is both time and cost-efficient. This solution can be deployed easily and mostly comes with one-time costs (that cost can be divided into installments if an option is provided). Talking about the top perk here is the self-hosting option that allows you to select a hosting service provider of your choice. In comparison. You can also host the platform on your server if you want.

Important factors to be considered that affect the performance of on-demand services mobile apps when put to use:

Core Features of the Mobile App

The first factor that you must consider is that the custom app development company that you have chosen offers all the features that are currently present in the TaskRabbit app. The app should be easy to operate and navigate, which is only possible if the core features of the app are efficient and bug-free.

Speed of the App

Another factor that affects the performance of the on-demand service mobile app is the speed of the app, which is generally ignored at first by entrepreneurs. The loading speed of the page on the mobile app should be checked and optimized regularly as one single change or update can impact the loading speed of the application. This directly results in a high bounce rate and low customer satisfaction and retention rate.

Focus on the UI/UX of the App to make it User-Friendly

The design and UI/UX of the app play an important role in the efficiency of the app. The app should not be cluttered or distorted, making it impossible to navigate through the app on different mobile/tab screens. All screen sizes should be considered while developing a mobile app like TaskRabbit.


Taking TaskRabbit as the reference to enter the on-demand service industry, you must equally focus on the efficiency and factors contributing to the high-level satisfaction of TaskRabbit customers. Other than efficient services offered, another primary reason is the app features and user-friendly experience result of excellent UI/UX of the app.

Indeed the app development and the features play an important role when it comes to starting an eCommerce business today when customer retention is the biggest concern after launch. This can only be achieved if you offer the best, and pay equal attention to small details like app features, functionalities, design, integration, and development method.

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